Monday, May 18, 2009

Squash and Smiles

One of my favorite Farmer's Markets is in Davis, Ca. When I lived there a short time, I would always visit on Saturdays and pick up an array of delightful treats. My favorites are: dried apricots, fresh flowers, salmon spread, and almonds. On Saturday, I revisited the Farmer's Market with my husband and nostalgia hit. I made a comment that I didn't see any of the local farmers smiling, but my husband was quick to point out two gentleman who could do nothing but smile. These two gentleman brought back my memories of the Farmer's Market and it's nice to know that the good things haven't changed. If you are in Davis on any given Saturday I would suggest to dabble in the produce, almonds and flowers and discover what Davis has to offer, ..... Squash and Smiles!!


  1. That's me, Kevin, on the left. The other gentleman is the actual farmer, Jim. I'm just the Marketing Prince. Together we believe that shopping for food should be fun, and we act the clown occasionally to keep the smiles moving.

    Like you, Caroline, we like Farmer's Markets, and in fact the Davis Market was my first real social experience in the USA. It's also worth adding that Jim was my best man when I married his other assistant Christine, the Marketing Goddess.

  2. That is fantastic!!! You two really did brighten the mood that morning, your smiles radiated the Market.!!! Keep in touch and thank you for sharing your story!! :)

  3. Oh, I did more than that! You encouraged me to reminisce a little, and write about why I love the market ( Thanks Caroline!


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