Tuesday, August 3, 2010

an unlikely pair

fresh blackberries
milk, sugar, basil and a pinch of salt
getting ready to use the yolks
beat mixture until pale yellow
after an ice bath
soft and light
three scoops of basil ice cream 
blackberries soaked in sugar
fresh from the oven
blackberry crisp and basil ice cream

 I just could not wait any longer to post this recipe.
 One of the reasons why I love traveling
 because it gives me inspiration to try new things and flavors. 
Recipes that seem outrageous are the ones I like to try
without further ado
 I give you
basil ice cream paired with a blackberry crisp.
  Yes, you heard it
The ice cream bug has hit the blogosphere
it seems like more and more people are making 
their own ice cream. 
Cheers to that!
 I wanted to wait until I found the perfect ice cream recipe
 before jumping on the band wagon
luckily for me 
I discovered basil ice cream. 
While in Portland
 Marc surprised me with a dinner at Wildwood
for my birthday
 as usual
 I was more excited about dessert rather than dinner.
 For dessert 
I ordered the blackberry cobbler and basil ice cream.
 The blackberry and basil flavors danced together!!
The pairing was all together 
 immediately after getting back from our trip
 I started searching the internet for Basil Ice Cream Recipes
 (there were actually quite a few).
 The one I settled on can be found here.
 The recipe was straightforward and the ice cream came out PERFECTLY!!!
to go with my basil ice cream
I made a blackberry crisp.
 if you have been getting ripped off at restaurants by paying too much for crisps 
don't worry CRISPS are incredibly easy to make and SO TASTY!!
 Make your own and you will never order one again 
ok maybe not never
 make one
 you will understand what I mean. 
A secret to my topping is instead of using plain oats I use honey granola!!
(a secret from me to you)
I highly suggest pairing your basil ice cream with either a blackberry crisp or cobbler
 you will love it!!
 What have you eaten at a restaurant that you simply loved and had to recreate?? 
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. As soon as I saw basil and blackberries, I thought "what a delightful summer cocktail combination!" Haha, shows where my mind is. ;) I'm a little skeptical of herby ice creams (have you tried the lavender ice cream at Bi-Rite?), but I think that being paired with something as wonderful as a blackberry crisp would make it A-OK in my book. I looooove cobblers and crisps . . . but I grew up in Georgia, so peach cobbler is unquestionably my fave.

  2. So I have a little confession about peach cobbler! Normally, when it comes to southern food, I won't accept anything other than entirely homemade (it's my Leo pride, haha!). I've always loved my grandma's peach cobbler--it's ridiculously good--and when I finally called her to get the recipe, she told me that she uses those croissants that come in the tube (you know, the dough you bake?) for the top! I couldn't believe it! Once I heard that, I got all haughty and refused to do it that way and found my own recipe that didn't involve store-bought dough. And I quickly realized . . . my 90 year old grandma knows what she's talking about--hers is so much better! :) I haven't decided what I'm going to do next time, but you've definitely inspired me to try again. I'd love to get together soon for peach cobbler and summer cocktails--where do you live in the East Bay (I think you're in the East Bay, right?)? I live on 55th at MLK right near the Children's Hospital in Temescal. :)

  3. WOW! I am loving this!! The most creative and refreshing food post I've seen in a long time.

    xo Marcie

  4. I just had the most delicious sweet corn ice cream with blackberry syrup! I may have to try this basil ice cream as well!

  5. This is GENIUS. And looks incredibly delicious!

  6. Blackberries are so delicious, one my favourite fruits. I'll definitely be trying this out :D

  7. What a weird combo! But I love basil and blackberry separately - so why wouldn't I love them together?! So jealous that you got to go to Wildwood. I live only half a mile from there, but I've never been.

  8. Wow! That looks really delicious and unique!

  9. that looks wonderful! The whole food near my house often has basil gelato, and it's amazing! Looks like a perfect summertime treat.

  10. Ooo, I love this idea. It sounds like it would hit the spot on a summer day.

  11. mm, can I come eat at your place!

  12. Ok! we will try this! glad you had so much fun in Portland and at Wildwood!
    hugs, D

  13. My jaw has dropped! Basil ice cream? The smell of basil alone makes my mouth water...so ice cream, undoubtedly, is something I need to try. I can't believe this! Thank you so much for sharing this revolutionary recipe!!! My mother, who is 100% Italian, will love this too.

  14. oh wow, that is utterly amazing and now my mouth is watering. i loveee unique ice cream flavors. in fact, last weekend i had a goat cheese cashew caramel and it was seriously awesome (even though it sounds a tad unappetizing)...it was like cheesecake!

    great post.

    xx anna jane

  15. this sounds AWESOME. i'm not a really big blackberry fan on account of i can never find really good, not too tart ones, but this definitely sounds like something worth trying. :] don't have an ice cream maker unfortunately, but i'd really like to invest in one sometime soon. because homemade ice cream, is, really better than bought ice cream. <3 this is lovely, you're lovely, thanks again food goddess!
    - L

  16. Ahh it sounds so interesting and looks great! I know that I will have to try making my own ice cream for summer time.

    You truly have the most exciting recipes and they always look so good and that makes me want to try them. I wish I had your cooking/baking skills. x

  17. this sounds so incredible caroline! no all i need is that ice cream maker that was on my birthday wishlist so i can make my own!

    one of the tastiest desserts i've had was french toast bread pudding with bacon ice cream - yum! the bacon ice cream was more like vanilla w/ teeny bits of bacon...probably yummier that way. ooooh! AND... a ginger pear pie with honey ice cream and the ice cream had fresh cracked pepper on it. SO delicious!

    miss you already lady! xo!

  18. oh wow, looks so yum. Thought the 3rd image looks like a soup and I was thinking 'blackberry soup! oh no!' ha ha. well done.

  19. Now this looks amazing. And there are fresh berries in my parents' garden (and obviously basil, they love their herbs)... so many possibilities!

  20. This looks so amazing. My mom grows fresh basil in our yard and is always telling me to find recipes with basil in them. Definitely going to try this!


  21. wooow, that looks amazing. my fave thing at a restaurant that i need to recreate is a parmesan garlic bisque in new orleans... HEAVEN

  22. mmm, this combination truly sounds delightful!! i am a huge fan of trying new ice cream flavors so i would definitely give basil ice cream a try! yum.

  23. mmmmm I wonder what would happen if you did a peach/blackberry cobbler and added the basil ice cream..... peach and blackberry are a magnificent pairing!

  24. I love blackberries so this sounds deliciously good!


  25. omg seriously? can i come over to your place. i was immediately drawn when you said berries and basil...weird? no fabulous!!

    you have the best things on this blog! i wanna try it all!


  26. I would never have thought to combine all of those things! Thanks for sharing :)

  27. i love basil.
    i love ice cream.

    i feel like i might just love them together too.


  28. basil ice cream? really?
    this is something I might actually try, weird as it is. maybe just the fact that it's an adorable green?


  29. i love how you come up with such incredible and unique duos!! DELICIOUS!
    i really need to start making homemade ice cream. you are inspiring me!!!

  30. that does sound interesting! i wish i had an ice cream make :(

  31. Basil ice cream??? I *must* make this. Thanks for the recipe!

  32. basil ice cream rocks my world.
    there's a gelato place in princeton, nj called the bent spoon that makes the most insanely rich and delicious sweet basil concoction and it knocks my socks off every time i have it.


    thanks for the recipe pairing- you are such a goddess in the kitchen, caro!

  33. Wow, two of my favorites uniquely combined!

  34. Your recipes seems so yummy! I DEFENITELY HAVE TO TRY THEM BOTH!

  35. I had dinner at a Thai restaurant yesterday and I love the aroma and flavor basil brings to a dish. I won't deny this is the first time I've heard of such combination, but like you, I'm open to new flavors and experiences, while I won't promise to try and make this myself I wouldn't mind trying if I find it in a restaurant menu!

  36. Yum this sounds so unbelieveably delicious!!


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