Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

rhubarb with sugar
oh sweet strawberries and rhubarb
a present for my mom

Over the weekend I jammed away ...
I did not pull out my banjo
instead ...
 I purchased several mason jars,
 a bunch of rhubarb and over 100 strawberries
whipped up Jam.
 I saw the recipe on Lovely Morning and immediately knew I had to JAM!!!
 I was a bit apprehensive at first
  only because the recipe seemed so simple 
 I thought to myself
 surely making jam is a lot more difficult
 and if it is this simple 
 why the bleep haven't I been making jam???
 I chopped up my rhubarb,
 soaked it in sugar for an hour,
 stemmed my strawberries and crushed them,
 then boiled my rhubarb and strawberries for over an hour 
.... and in the end
I had JAM!!!
 I canned it up
 (next time I will get smaller jars ... I ended up with only four jars ... really huge jars)
 made a special jar for my mom for Mother's Day.
 the point of this little rant
 is to get all of you jamming
you will not regret it
 and so far
 this is what I have created with my rhubarb jam:
a strawberry rhubarb panini with gruyรจre cheese
strawberry rhubarb crepes with dark chocolate and powdered sugar
strawberry rhubarb on sourdough bread with whipped butter
spoonfuls of rhubarb straight from the jar
strawberry rhubarb drizzled over vanilla ice cream
the combinations are endless!!!
I am still without internet
 I promise my posts and visits to your blogs will be more frequent
 once the internet in my home is up and running
 ... but for now ...
 this will do.
 I miss all of your blogs and will announce the winners of the Giveaway
 on Wednesday. 
Happy Tuesday!
For the Recipe you can find it over at Lovely Morning ...
hurry on and head over
you will love it!