Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a no plans kind of day

morning walks along the beach
enjoying a moment
taking a break
a colossal breakfast burrito 
this is all I need
great books
Stinson Beach
what a sweet moment and then there is Marc
 father like son
braving the cold waters
lovely signs
a must stop
tastiness in a bottle and box
scenes from a small town
enjoying a cold beverage
vibrant colors
taking a stroll
an impromptu stop for some bubbly
and dessert wine
dinner time
making pizzas
wood fired
right from the oven
simple is always BEST
A No Plans Kind of Day!

"One of the delights of life is eating with friends, second to that is talking about eating.  And, for an unsurpassed double whammy, there is talking about eating while you are eating with friends."
-Laurie Colwin
Curvy roads, crisp morning walks along Stinson Beach, a pit stop at Marin Sun Farms for sweet potato fries and raspberry soda accompanied by an impromptu stop at Point Reyes Vineyards ... this was a Saturday not to forget. Later, Marc and I enjoyed homemade wood fired pizza with our sweet friends and toasted to Summer with some bubbly and dessert wine. I love setting out on adventures with friends who are ok with having no plans because we always seem to end the day toasting to something grand!! Cheers to that! What are your favorite kind of days? Are you a planner or do you fly by the seat of your pants? 

Monday, August 30, 2010

ice cream season

rich dark chocolate and raspberry
all smiles
a gelato adventure with a friend
gabbing about goodness

candied ginger and almond
three scoops of greatness

What is it about ice cream
that can turn a bad day 
 a sunny day?
 why does ice cream
 bring you right back to childhood?
 Summer is coming to an end
 my ice cream consumption will not be ending
HIP HIP to that!!
 Happy Monday SWEET PEAS!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ALWAYS finish your Dessert

Yes Please!
the lady finger was pure perfection
digging in
what was left 

 This is a must in my family. 
Last week,
 Marc and I
went to one of our favorite restaurants
 Santa Cruz.
 Not only do they have amazing entrees
 their desserts are out of this world
 their truffles are the size of tennis balls
 Their truffles are AMAZING. 
We ordered a dark chocolate rose truffle
 the combination of rose and dark chocolate
quite frankly,
 was pure perfection.
 I actually thought it tasted a bit fruity.
 The truffle was so good that I did not want to share.
 Marc had a Frida
a Mexican mocha topped off with fresh whipped cream
an incredible lady finger.
 What is it about dessert that brings you right back to childhood? 
Marc and I ate in silence
we did not say a peep
the result of enjoying amazing desserts. 
 please tell me
 where is your favorite place to get dessert
 what is your favorite dessert? 
After all of my running, 
 do not worry I still love dessert
it is a must!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

make sure you always TRI

The Polka Dot Cap
my friends call me Line
Look at all the people
time for the bike
headed out
finishing with my tongue out
I was telling the guy in yellow to FINISH STRONG!

This past Saturday
 I completed my TRIathlon!!!
The Details
 I had a small bowl of fresh oatmeal for breakfast
 drizzled with a small amount of brown sugar.
(this is my go to race day breakfast)
 The previous day,
 I stayed hydrated and drank water,
 more water
this is one of my fitness secrets.
  When I got to my TRI
 I was a bit nervous
 asked myself several times
 Standing on the beach,
  goggles in hand
 looking over my shoulder at more than a 1,000 people
right then and there,
 I officially declared myself NUTS!!
 I was in the fourth wave for the swim
 made sure to start in front.
 I swam most of my life
 I felt GREAT about the swim. 
The water was warm,
 surprisingly clear
 all in all amazing. 
Don't get me wrong,
 I did panic at one point
 after swallowing a ton of water
 took deep breaths,
 defogged my goggles and kicked like a machine.
 Swimming in a lake is by far better than swimming in a pool. 
The bike was next and I cruised,
 admired the scenery
 loved every minute of it.
 The bike route took us past vineyards
 the weather could not have been better. 
When I got to the run my legs felt like jello.
 what saved me was my trusty old fuel belt.
 During the TRI everyone was so encouraging
the atmosphere was inspiring
 that I couldn't help but smile.
 When I crossed the finish line my spirits were high 
 there really isn't anything like finishing a TRI. 
I thought about how this past November
 I couldn't even run 2 miles without stopping.
 I now know,
 that to enjoy life BALANCE is key. 
And for me,
like I said before
I work hard to eat good food :) 
Thank you for all of your comments on my last post
all of you are so encouraging.
 Is there a a goal that you want to TRI? 
I would love to know.
I have a couple of tasty recipes to share with you this week 
 one little surprise for all of you!!
Happy Tuesday.