Wednesday, September 29, 2010


so much charm
the handwritten menu 
ahi tuna ceviche with fresh watermelon 
a place like nowhere else
grabbing dessert at a coffee shop
dessert: a perfect latte

One of my favorite things about San Francisco
 or rather,
 any city
 is that there are so many restaurants waiting to be discovered.
 Restaurants that are tucked away in corners of the city
 that most people miss
 the locals wait in lines for hours
are my favorite.
My favorite place to grab breakfast
 is tucked in a corner
on a street 
 underneath the Clairmont hotel.
 on Sunday mornings the wait takes forever 
 waiting is half the fun!!
 of course I wanted to try out Emmy's
 when my sweet friend suggested it for dinner.
 We had tried to go the night before our Marathon
 for some major carbo loading
 the wait was close to three hours.
last week I drove up to the city for dinner
 and where did we go
We ordered an ahi appetizer,
 Amanda ordered a glass of vino
 and I had sparkling lemonade
 (one of my favorite beverages)
for dinner
 we split a heaping bowl of SPAGHETTI with MEATBALLS.
 Oh it was incredible.
 When Spaghetti is done right
 there is nothing better!!!
 At one time, 
I swore I could eat Spaghetti for breakfast, 
So my friends,
 go out and discover your city,
 go somewhere new,
 ask a local 
and if you are a local, 
ask another local!! 
And when it comes to eating spaghetti ... 
"No man is lonely while eating SPAGHETTI."
- Christopher Morley
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Monday, September 27, 2010

what's cooking in the kitchen?

candy in gold country
oh sweetness!
an old fashioned candy scale
luggage for candy
the menu
what's in my bag?
old towns
a must!
drinking some sarsaparilla

Have you ever been to an old fashioned candy kitchen?
 When I was younger,
 my family would take trips to a small historic mining town
where we would pan for gold,
 climb boulders,
 ride horse drawn carriages
 and my favorite,
 enjoy chocolates and candy at Columbia's Candy Kitchen.
  Even at the age of eight
 I was able to appreciate
 a quality piece of chocolate. 
 My favorites include rocky road, 
chocolate turtles,
 always a must, 
 I was quite excited when over the weekend
 I was able to go back to Columbia
 for some very nostalgic fun. 
 The Candy Kitchen has so many sweets to choose from,
 because I am a creature of habit,
I went with my all time favorite lemon drops.
  My dad purchased dark chocolate rocky road and peanut brittle.
 Marc had no problem with his decision
 and went with toffee
and of course,
milk chocolate fudge. 
for me
 a stop to Columbia is never complete
 unless I leave
  with a bottle of Sarsaparilla.
 Cheers to that!
  So tell me, 
when you are in a Candy Shop what do you end up leaving with?
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

a giveaway "Just Because"

A Fall Awakening
trying the Chocolate Voodoo
enjoying the Chocolate Voodoo
a chocolate voodoo and a Fall awakening

Happy Fall!!!
in honor of this glorious season
I am hosting a giveaway.
Liz from Therapy
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Happy Wednesday my sweet friends!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


breakfast at La Boulange
a perfect chai latte
a buttery chocolate croissant
Mara and Mathew 
were simply wonderful!!
Congrats you two!

a drink for two
soy chorizo tacos
peanut butter and blackberries and cream
Our host ... Dutch!
 pork tenderloin with a chipotle raspberry drizzle
baked apples
A Barefoot Dessert
Fall colors at the market
figs and tomatoes
the perfect way to end my Summer

My weekend was filled with
 trail runs,
 delicious food,
 a dinner party
 a trip
 to a delightful Farmers' Market.
 I am thrown back into classes
 on Thursday
I am ready for long nights of
 Cheers to a good Summer!! 
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

one cheese is not enough


The latest issue of Food and Wine
 sent me into a state of euphoria!!
 I found
 quite possibly
 the best recipe for macaroni and cheese.
 I am almost sure
 you will never look at boxed macaroni the same
 thank goodness for that.
 This recipe is
 let me warn you, 
very messy
easy to make. 
How can you go wrong
 when you use three kinds of delicious cheeses, 
heavy cream?
 I will warn
do not count calories while eating this dish
make sure to share it with friends.
  There is nothing I love more than
 the smell of fresh macaroni baking in the oven
 the crisp fall air coming in through my open window
while I wait with excitement.
 Crisp cool air, 
 warm homemade macaroni and cheese
simple ingredients that make life grand. 
I hope you give this recipe a try
 and it brings you
 as much comfort as it brought me. 
if you want more mouth watering recipes
 check out the latest issue of Food and Wine
it will have you salivating with every turn of the page.

 What is your favorite comfort food
 a dish you crave when the weather gets colder?
 Happy weekend!!
don't forget to check out the fall issue of
It is right up there with homemade macaroni and cheese,
even better!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

birthday butterscotch

some of the ingredients
my favorite cream
oh sweet goodness 
butterscotch pudding
a birthday treat

There is no better way to celebrate a birthday
 than celebrating with 
being that Marc's birthday was last week
 I whipped together a dessert
 in honor of him
 the big 27. 
 Have any of you ever had a Werther's Original??
 I remember the goofy Werther's Original commercials as a kid
I also remember
 the yummy buttery candy.
 for my dad's birthday I ordered butterscotch pudding
 that knocked me off my feet
and it tasted somewhat like
a Werthers.
The pudding was incredible. 
There is just something
  special about homemade pudding.
 Marc and I could not get the creamy butterscotch pudding
 out of our minds.
 And how did I solve that??
 I made him some for his birthday. 
I added a bit of dark rum to my recipe
 that gave the pudding an extra kick
The pudding itself was incredibly easy to make.
 I must have tasted my melted butter and sugar concoction 
several times before mixing in the heavy cream
 how can you go wrong with melted butter and sugar?
 The dessert brought me back to childhood
I loved watching Marc scrape the bottom of his bowl,
 hoping for more. 
if you are a butterscotch fan
 even just a homemade pudding kind of person
 give making homemade pudding a whirl
 get whisking!!
 When do you think a recipe becomes your own?
 This question has been troubling me
 I am interested in what you have to say about it??
 Happy Wednesday!!