Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Ode to October

perfect for pie
sweet figs
in the Autumn air
flowers from a farm stand
on the farm
pretty pumpkins 
right off the vine
Trick or Treat

Wishing everyone a honest to goodness Halloween! 
The end of October is here
I can't believe how quickly it has gone.
 Marc and I are dressing up as runners from the 1980's
 for a run we are doing on Sunday
for him think horrible short shorts
 and for me
 really tight neon spandex pants.
Both of us will be sporting
wrist bands and the whole sha bang. 
at the end of our run we will be crawling through a gigantic mud pit. 
 Don't worry I will have pictures.
  Then to cap off our Halloween 
we will be making more caramel apples
 starting season 3 of Dexter (we are addicted). 
What are your plans for this weekend?
 I hope you enjoy this spread of photos 
that I snapped over the month of October!! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a tablespoon of love

a tbsp of love
adding our spices
don't forget the chocolate
sweet and savoury
Chili with Chipotle and Chocolate

 almost three years ago
December 2007 to be exact
 came out with an incredible issue. 
You should see this magazine
 I have marked almost every page.
 There are so many recipes to choose from
 and a lot of the recipes are centered around
Last week, 
Marc and I had a craving for a dish that was
would yield leftovers.
 I went to my trusty magazine
 and found the recipe for Chocolate Chili 
or rather
 Chipotle Chili with Chocolate.
 I love the taste of chocolate in a savoury dish
 was eager to get to cooking.
 The success to cooking with chocolate I believe is:
 adding the right amount
of chocolate
 creating a salty sweet ratio that is balanced. 
Marc and I
 chopped up our onions
 bell peppers,
 added spices like cumin,
 ancho chili powder to give it a kick, 
sweetened the chili with brown sugar
of course chocolate,
 and last not but least 
minced our chipotle chiles. 
The chili was amazing, 
  We had leftovers for several days.
  Do you have a go to chili recipe that you use?
 do you have a favorite magazine you go back to for ideas and inspirations?
did you see my Persimmon cookie post? 
What are your thoughts on Persimmons
I have an inkling persimmons are not for everyone :)
Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

dangerously good

brunch with friends
pomegranate kombucha
wood fired perfection
a breakfast pizza with an egg on top
getting ready for the oven
eggplant parmesan 
key to a good cookie
after: dangerously good
needles and thread
three hours later

I love rainy weekends.
I spent the weekend
 drinking copious amounts of warm beverages,
 finishing two books
 (don't get excited ... for class),
 making dinner with Marc
sliders and sweet potato fries,
 taking a day trip to visit our friends in Berkeley
 where we ate at our usual spot
 went on a chilly trail run,
watched Season 2 of Dexter.
 Sunday was spent 
making crafts,
 eating eggplant parmesan,
 devouring deliciously dangerous chocolate chip cookies.
 Now say all that ten times fast.
 What do you enjoy about rainy days? 
Is it the food, the books, the drinks, the trips, or friends? 

Friday, October 22, 2010

fresh ground coffee

need I say more
one of the many coffees 
Sunday mornings
our lattes at The ACE

 The smell of fresh ground coffee puts me into a dream state. Quite frankly, fresh ground coffee is one of my favorite smells, almost trumping my love for the smell of stinky cheese but not quite!  I remember when I was younger, I wondered why my mom drank coffee ... Her lattes tasted like dishwater I thought. But even then, I would still ask to eat the sugary foam on her dishwater lattes.  Now, what I enjoy most about coffee is what comes with it: gabbing over a good latte, a conversation with a friend, reading a good book, writing or time with someone special. I can sit in a coffee shop for hours.  And, even if you don't like coffee I know you can appreciate a good coffee shop, or maybe, you love the smell of coffee as well! It is comforting to know that after all these years I still happen to love the sugary foam on a well made latte ... 
I hope all of you have a weekend that is filled to the brim with good food, good company and good laughs. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

persimmon cookies


The other day
I had a craving for persimmons.
I thought,
 as I have never had persimmons!
 I bought three Hachiya Persimmons,
 cut off their pretty little green tops, 
scooped out their pulp,
 set the pulp aside,
 mixed my cookie dough, 
added my spices
cinnamon and all spice, 
added the pulp,
 mixed and mixed,
after baking for 15 minutes 
I had Persimmon cookies. 
Biting into each cookie
was like being engulfed by Autumn.
The all spice, 
the cinnamon
the persimmons
 are perfect together.
 I do think I could have waited a bit longer for my persimmons to ripen
 patience in the kitchen is something I need to work on. 
 I can control myself when it comes to eating cookies 
but these cookies were just too good to pass up. 
So my dears, 
 have you had or tried persimmon cookies before?
 if you are familiar with baking or cooking with persimmons 
what is your favorite way to eat them?
you can add raisins, cranberries or walnuts to these cookies
either way,
get creative!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

good food

tailgate professionals
way too competitive
enjoying a game or two
The Stanford Band
they were hilarious
that's the spirit
fish tacos
my sister enjoying a moment
rooting for the other team
the ultimate USC fan Smale Tail
College Ball in the Fall

There is something so perfect about COLLEGE football.
 Two weekends ago, 
Marc and I went to a Stanford tailgate
 I must say
 that I was overwhelmed by the good food
fresh guacamole,
  cold beer,
 fish tacos with all of the fixings
We people watched,
 played a game or two of beer pong,
 cheered on the home team. 
 Do you tailgate and what college team has your heart?
 if you don't have a favorite college team
 what type of food would you bring to a tailgate? 
Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

apples in October

a must stop on a long drive
the best bowl of chai
a glimpse of change
apple picking
celebrating a birthday
Our Picnic:
Point Reyes Blue, Cow Girl Creamery Triple Cream
and of course
saying bye to the sculpture
our dinner
three cheesus pizza with fresh ground pepper
too cute
oh my goodness!
the birthday cake
all dressed up

This weekend was incredibly festive
 a slow Saturday drive to Sebastopol, 
a Fall picnic,
 apple picking,
 enjoying homemade wood fired pizzas,
 decorating caramel apples
 celebrating a friend's birthday
it was the perfect Fall weekend!
  October is a great month.
 I have come to the conclusion
 that there is something magical
 about a good caramel apple. 
 I like my caramel apple dipped in chunks of dark chocolate and white chocolate. 
I am curious ...
how do you dress your caramel apple?
Happy Monday!