Tuesday, November 30, 2010

not too busy for dessert

pecan pie and pumpkin pie
pumpkin ice cream
my mom's apple pie
marshmallows with sweet potatoes
raspberry and nutella crepes
Devonshire cheesecake with raspberry compote

One word describes my week
I am not too busy for desserts.
This week I am busy writing final papers,
drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee.
My study breaks consist of yoga
of course catching up on your blogs
and eating my new favorite snack
crackers with sharp cheddar and raspberry preserves

Saturday, November 27, 2010

on holiday

These past couple of days 
were filled with 
 crisp cool air,
 playing frisbee,
warm holiday drinks,
baking till 2am,
watching numerous movies 
When Harry Met Sally
 was my personal favorite. 
Just checking in for a quick blog post 
 wanted to say Bonjour to new readers 
and of course
 hello to the rest of you!! 
How was your holiday? 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

in charge of desserts

I'm in charge of making desserts for Thanksgiving.
 I've gone back and forth on the menu
 I think it is finally set: 
a bourbon pecan pie paired with pumpkin ice cream,
 a cheesecake,
 a traditional pumpkin pie. 
I must say I am partial to pecan pie.
 I love the taste and with a tried and true recipe my pecan pie is golden.
 I won't be blogging for a couple of days
 have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! 
What will you be up to? 
Where will you be going?
 What will you be eating?
 what holiday traditions do you have? 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

in the garden

in the garden
winter approaches
the light shines through
snapping photos with a friend
my muse
an overall calm

My weekend started out with a photo adventure with a sweet friend.
  We grabbed our cameras and headed out for an afternoon of admiring,
 snapping photos
 appreciating one of the many gardens on our campus.
  The weather was perfect
 not too sunny 
and an overall calm illuminated the garden. 
 Even though I do love when I capture something beautiful,
 what I love even more
 is documenting a mood,
 a feeling and texture of a given day. 
 After a day of taking photos,
 I came home and made chocolate chip cookies,
 drank some tea and caught up on my reading
 (break is on the horizon). 
 my running shoes hit the wet pavement
 and my lungs were filled with good,
 cool crisp air 
as Marc and I ran our favorite race
The Davis Turkey Trot.
 My cousin joined us and we could not have been happier
 as it was her first run.
we grabbed breakfast, 
enjoyed white mochas,
 and then hurried home for Chili Verde,
fresh corn tortillas,
 rice and beans.
 My Abuelita outdid herself. 
This weekend was just what I needed
a weekend that was refreshing,
one filled with gratitude. 
What were you up to this weekend?

Thursday, November 18, 2010


driving to Portland
in the car
a trip with my love
The Ace Hotel
it is all in the details
bliss: Stumptown in the hotel
what our mornings looked like
stopping in Ashland for a treat
taking it all in 

Always pack up your car and drive somewhere new ... (Portland for example)
Always bring your camera ... it never leaves my side
Always make a stop for a sweet treat and while eating it DO NOT COUNT calories
Always stay at THE ACE HOTEL in Portland or at least once ... I must say that one of the "perks"  is that Stumptown coffee is in the hotel 
Always take a road trip with someone you love ... you would be surprised what happens when you are in a car for over 14 something hours ... a true relationship test
Always admire the sites and make sure to take it all in ... one of my favorite things about driving 
Happy Soon to be Weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


raspberry mornings
before the oven
using my new lens
the crumble is key
straight from the oven
a cup of tea and a muffin

Sometimes sleeping in is a must.
Sometimes changing a favorite recipe is just what I need.
Sometimes I like raspberries over blueberries.
Sometimes I skip my morning run to make muffins.
Sometimes I put way too much sugar in my tea,
Sometimes I bake muffins if only for the smell to linger in my home.

Monday, November 15, 2010

chocolate croissants and clothes

making chocolate peanut butter cups
adding the peanut butter
chocolate croissants on a Friday night
prepping for chocolate croissant bread pudding
cream and vanilla
strawberries and raspberries
a must have with cheese
of course
slices of bread
blue cheese
brie and gruyere
a drizzle of honey
chocolate peanut butter cups
dessert and breakfast: 
 chocolate croissant bread pudding
a mimosa with a raspberry
admiring the goodies
friends and family

On Saturday,
 I invited a couple of friends over for brunch and a clothes SWAP.
 We all enjoyed several mimosas,
 copious amounts of food
 found some sweet finds
 the saying holds true,
  One woman's trash is another woman's treasure.
 I took several days to plan the brunch menu
 went entirely all out. 
The one thing I care about doing right is 
making good food. 
So, the menu:
chocolate croissant bread pudding 
(I made fresh chocolate croissants on Friday and made the bread pudding 
on Saturday morning)
blueberry muffins (my go to recipe ... I also made these Saturday morning)
sun dried tomato and zucchini strata (I prepared this Friday night)
chocolate peanut butter cups 
(this was my first attempt at candy and they were so easy to make)
strawberry and raspberry salad with a powdered sugar drizzle
green salad with tomatoes, goat cheese and avocado
 Marc also made his signature homemade pizza ... 
thyme, gruyere cheese, red onions and prosciutto.
So, Saturday came and went
 as my friends left with bags filled to the brim with clothes,
 full stomachs
 smiles on their faces
 I thought:
 a brunch and swap party will definitely be an annual thing.
How was your weekend?
  Have you swapped clothes before?