Monday, April 11, 2011

cheese plates and weekends

an afternoon snack
a latte at Local 123
Marc's cappuccino
happy to be in Berkeley
a tasty salad
duck tostadas
deciding on flavors
we chose creamsicle
yoga in the park

This past weekend included:
a visit to Local 123,
watching youtube videos on how to poach eggs,
lots of toast,
a day trip to Berkeley,
dinner at Fonda
where I enjoyed oysters for the first time (I actually liked them),
delicious Mexican food,
ice cream cones to split,
yoga in the park,
and a day where Marc and I found another new coffee shop
where we enjoyed breakfast while we worked on my resume
(reality is starting to set in ... the graduation countdown has begun).
Weekends are my opportunity to nourish my soul,
try new things in my kitchen,
simply relax.
What are the little things you enjoy about your weekends??
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  1. Most people would tell you not to tempt them with all of that amazing looking food.
    I am telling you not to tempt me with the opportunity to do yoga in the park.
    That sounds aahhhh-mazing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. oh so many of my favorite things in your photos! and i so love it when lattes are all pretty like that :)

  3. Looks lovely! My favorite weekends include lots of yummy food, a date with my husband, and long bike rides!

  4. Looks like a great weekend!! And all of that food looks amazing!! It's dinner time!

  5. You are adorable :) And I've said this before but you always eat the best food!!

  6. ah absolutely beautiful things to enjoy over the the yoga in the park, those lattes, and the thought of creamsicle ice cream. And glad to hear you liked oysters. I love them too and I love ceviche! Good luck with the resume too :)

  7. Creamsicle was a genius choice!

  8. yoga in the park??! jealous! i've always thought it would be fun to work out like that on the beach or in a park :)
    lovely photos Caroline!

  9. What a lovely day and a great spot for yoga! Nice!

  10. Duck tostadas! Yes please!

    Your weekends always look so divine!

  11. i loved all of your fb updates about egg poaching this weekend. you make me smile :). i love reading about all the little mini adventures you and marc go on - and that lamb is seriously calling my name - yum!

    hope your week is off to agood start!


  12. looks like a lovely weekend! Those food pictures look absolutely delicious, creamsicle ice cream sounds dreamy

  13. 'Weekends are my only time to nourish my soul' that's a nice comment! :) Your foodie weekend looks absolutely wonderful, as always! :) xxxxxxx

  14. sounds so nice! our weekends use to be about sleeping in, lazy days and good movies. since our little one was born it's more about family time, baby kisses and long leisurely walks. either way, it's bliss!

  15. Yum, yum, yum-your weekend has me drooling!


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