Monday, April 4, 2011

the weekend ...

stopping to take some photos
one big red barn
a wild pear martini ... yes please
a pulled pork sandwich
the chef's board
the jelly was so tasty
dessert ... cookies and milk
taking a walk in Mckinley
grabbing a Sunday coffee at Temple

The Weekend highlights:
Visiting a location where I will be photographing a wedding in June
(so excited, as it is my first wedding)

Stopping for lunch at Preserve
where Marc and I ordered pretty much everything on the menu.
The Wild Pear cocktail
chef's selection cheese and charcuterie board were my personal favorites.
I am already planning what I will order for our next trip there.

Driving through farm lands and admiring all of the green fields
taking photos at a big red barn ...
the weather was so beautiful this weekend.

Visiting with my mom and enjoying an afternoon in one of our favorite parks.

Trying out new coffee spots in downtown Sacramento.
Temple coffee exceeded our expectations!

If you are in need of day trip ideas I strongly insist you make a trip up to the Davis/Winters/Sacramento area.

Day Trip Ideas:
Stop in Winters for lunch and a cocktail at Preserve.
Peruse the Davis Saturday Farmers' Market and make sure to grab a gourmet popsicle.
Take a bike ride or stroll through downtown Davis.
Head to Sacramento and grab chocolates at Ginger Elizabeth.
Enjoy a walk or a picnic at Mckinley Park.
Grab dinner at The Golden Bear.
The next morning, indulge in a coffee at Temple.
And, grab brunch at Crepeville before you head on the road.

This past weekend was filled with surprises, spontaneity and simplicity.
Happy Monday.


  1. i love red barns!! such pretty pictures!!

  2. That pulled pork sandwich looks incredible. And congrats on your wedding Caroline!! That is huge news; you must be so thrilled :) xo

  3. Ohhh that pulled prk look awesome! And congrats on your first wedding gig - so so excting!!

  4. conratulations on shooting your first wedding! that's awesome! and judging by all of your pics, you'll do a fabulous job!

    and pulled pork is a favorite of mine. love it!

  5. mmmmm, lovely lovely pictures and things, as always... especially lusting over those cookies and milk this evening! xxxxx

  6. I love the red barn- there is one out by my parents cabin and I love to photograph it. I'm guessing your pictures of the wedding will be incredible!

  7. i love that mustard yellow bridge on the way into sacramento!

  8. Can't wait for the wedding, Caroline! We are excited.

  9. This sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend, and how exciting about photographing your first wedding! I have no doubt it's going to be perfect!

  10. sign me up for your next trip! looks fun and delicious!!

  11. that pear martini looks absolutely heavenly! sounds like a lovely little day trip :). and yay for photographing your first wedding! you're going to do fabulously!


  12. Looks like you had another fantastic weekend filled with good eats and sights! I love the look of big red barns, when Matt and I were planning our wedding one of my best girlfriends suggested that we rent out a local big red barn for our wedding. It was a fantastic idea, but the venue was a bit too big for the size of wedding we were wanting to have.

  13. Thank you all of the sweet comments and encouraging words. I am incredibly excited to shoot my first wedding ... I have a feeling this will be an amazing experience!!! Bisous.

  14. scrumptious! & the setting is just perfect!

  15. you always fill your weekends with the best of the best.

    i'm home now, let's plan a visit soon!

  16. Wow, that is so exciting - you're photographing a real WEDDING! i am sure the pics are going to turn out just beautifully, and i hope you can post a few here and there...that is sooo fun!

  17. I'm fairly certain a friend of mine had a wedding reception at that barn, or at least took pictures there!

  18. Look fantastic your weekend!!! :) fabulous locations and food!! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  19. Another fun weekend full of food, fun drinks and beautiful photographs! I hope your last quarter at UCSC is easy - only 2 more months...yes!
    Miss you lots and sending you hugs and happy thoughts

  20. your photos never disappoint me.
    oh and, they never fail at making me hungry.

  21. loving all the food pictures!


  22. sooooo excited for you to shoot your first WEDDING! amazeface, that's what that is.

    and that barn needs to be in my next series of paintings, that pear martini with the star anise is enough to make me cry (if only there were such things in jaipur) and the pulled pork sandwich, is, literally, making me cry it looks so good. ok, i'm saying it here first: I MISS AMERICA.

    mkay, love ya.

  23. oh Gosh all the food looks so so delicious:)


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