Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the more I jam ...

On Sunday,
my kitchen counter was adorned in sugar,
my hands were covered in strawberries,
and the sweet smell of jam filled every room in my home.
Earlier that day,
I foraged local lavender for a strawberry lavender jam I have been aching to try.
on Sunday,
I rolled up my sleeves,
covered my kitchen in strawberries
and filled jar after jar with Strawberry Lavender Jam.
The more I jam,
the more I want to learn.
I love how some recipes call for lemon,
some call for more sugar,
others call for pectin,
different fruits react with other fruits,
jamming is truly a dance.
while taking study breaks I've been reading my Blue Chair Jam Cookbook
have found the cookbook to be delightful and so thorough.
I can't get enough of the writing,
My strawberry lavender jam has been jarred up,
and I can't wait to bring it to the Strawberry Festival
where I will be having a tasting booth this Thursday
wish me luck.
I will leave you with a few quotes from The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook
and who knows,
maybe it will inspire you to jam!!


Preserving transforms raw ingredients- fruit, sugar, lemon- as much or as little as the individual cook desires. It is up to you, the jam maker, to determine the eventual texture, appearance, flavor, consistency, and complexity of each individual preserve.

Great preserves stand out for their perfect balance of flavor, texture, and appearance. How do you achieve this balance? When making jam or marmalade, even if you are following a preexisting recipe, nothing is more helpful or inspiring than understanding how to put your ideals into practice. Each batch of jam you make will differ slightly from the one that came before.

Quotes are from Rachel Saunders, Author of The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook


  1. I love to jam!

    I'm jealous that you already have strawberries; I have to wait another few weeks. But when they are in season, I'll be making jam too, and would love to buy some lavendar to experiment with.

    I can just picture [and taste] blackberry jam with lavendar. Mmm.

  2. A tasting booth? I'm so impressed. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. I've never done this before.. maybe this summer will be my first time to "jam."

    And good luck & have fun at the festival! Can't wait to hear allll about it..

  4. strawberry lavender jam sounds incredible...

    i wish i could make it to your tasting booth!

  5. "jamming is truly a dance."

    you are truly a writer.


  6. Strawberry lavender sounds delish! I wish I knew how to make jam!

  7. Strawberry Lavender - that sounds amazing!

  8. Oh, yum! Strawberry lavender does sound show-stopping!

  9. props to you for making your own jam. i'm impressed.

  10. You're so cute and impress me with your jamming skills and passion!!

  11. Awesome! Strawberry Lavender Jam sounds great! :D
    My family makes pomergranate Jelly every year! Jams and Jelly's are gorgeous!


  12. thanks to you, i learned something today - that 'jam' can also be a verb! i could go for a little piece of toast, cut in squares, with a yummy rhubarb jam. mmmm.

  13. hOW exciting to have a jammy booth! Can't wait to hear the response to your strawberry lavender jam!

  14. i am putting in a request:

    please have save me some of this jam for when i visit. it sounds like pure heaven :).

    love you lady!


  15. It's so warm and sunny here in Europe - and the strawberries are out and ready to be consumed - I shall try my hand at strawberry jam - your recipe sounds toothsome;-)

  16. How cool are you, making Lavender Jam!


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