Thursday, February 24, 2011

take a peek: first day in Portland

catching up on my literature
my first latte ... perfection
Marc's Cappucino
raspberry HotLips with lunch
a maple staple
dainty little cups
done and done
bundled up for Apizza Scholls
snow kissed
Being a foodie is tough work!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Walk ... a walk after the rain

first of the season
loving these lovelies
look at those cuties
strawberry sweet tamale ... YES PLEASE!

It rained relentlessly all last week
even snowed in some areas (quite rare)
when the sun decided to linger for awhile Sunday morning,
Marc and I did not hesitate and headed to one of our favorite local farmers' markets.
We honestly live in the best area for farmers' markets
and have several to choose from on Sundays.
We grabbed our farmers' market bags and headed to the market.
Some of the highlights:
picking up my weekly stash of blood oranges (I have been thoroughly enjoying them)
grabbing a basket of first of the season strawberries,
admiring lovely blooms,
and stopping at our favorite food cart for a glass of almond horchata,
butternut squash tamales and a strawberry sweet tamale for our lunch.
There is nothing that I love more than
leisurely walks through farmers' markets.
Have a wonderful rest of the week!!
I am headed to Portland ... so for now,

Monday, February 21, 2011

lots of goodness

little felt hearts and chocolate dipped strawberries
roasted beet salad
mini pot pies
a salad filled with flavor

scarlet lemonade ... my favorite
roasted potatoes
the red velvet cake
oatmeal raisin cookies
all of the little details
on a Sunday afternoon
sweet love
admiring all of the goodness
salted chocolate chip cookies
love to share
a pear galette
the heart cake
Alana, Shaudi and I

This past weekend,
I went to one of the sweetest going away parties.
My friend Alana is moving back home
and her sweet friend Shaudi threw a party for her.
Everything was decorated with love
from colorful felt hearts,
a table spread that made my jaw drop,
tasty morsels that made my stomach happy
Shaudi did everything.
Alana and Shaudi put the foodie in foodie
when we get together our conversations revolve around new spices,
fresh ingredients,
jamming secrets and new foodie establishments to adventure to.
Alana has always been such a supportive friend when it comes to my photography
I quite frankly will miss her,
she is not going too far and a road trip come Summer is in order .... Shaudi are you in??
I am headed to Portland this week
and I am counting down the days until leg warmers,
copious amounts of Stumptown and foodie adventures.
If you live in Portland or love to visit,
what are some places I must see, eat, and adventure to?
Also, do you know of a good yoga studio??
Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

s'more pie

How could I say no to a slice of s'more pie??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ingredients for a rainy weekend

a place to relax
a place to dream ... a map of Paris helps
my B&B
warm drinks
time for reflecting
tea and books
ingredients for a day well spent

This weekend I will be staying in,
attempting a new recipe from the Blue Chair Jam Cookbook,
reading, reading and reading,
making my home as comfortable and cozy as possible for a little staycation.
I decorated my bedroom to resemble my favorite B&B
relaxing has never been a problem.
After a warm spell,
I will definitely try to embrace this rainy weather with copious amounts of chai lattes.
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wednesday Walks ... yoga in the park

yoga in the park
crow with a smile
practicing my headstand
headstand love
my favorite shirt
an after yoga sweet that Marc and I shared
finding balance for things I love

Even though I do love foodie adventures
I must say,
Yoga has recently stolen my heart.
Last July,
I signed myself up for a membership at my local yoga studio
I could cross train during my marathon training.
Little did I know
that I would fall in LOVE with yoga.
I love that yoga is completely individual
that I can see my progress as each month goes by.
First it was conquering crow,
and now,
I am working on my headstand practice.
as much as I enjoy a great cup of coffee or a well made dessert
I enjoy them even more after a great yoga practice.
Over the weekend,
Marc and I walked to the park and practiced yoga.
After a series of downward dogs, crows and headstands,
Marc and I walked home, hand in hand, and treated ourselves to a sweet treat.
Dear yoga,
thank you for helping me find my balance.
Yours truly,
Happy Wednesday.