Monday, March 28, 2011

Guava Cake and Local Goodness

Guava Cake
a perfect slice
just for you
enjoying every bite
a juicy lucy burger with zucchini pickles
fresh flowers and blood orange soda
dabbling with making juicy lucy burgers
each patty has a dollop of tomato jam and cheese inside
homemade zucchini pickles
a photo from my jam shoot
a weekend filled with local goodness

Have you ever had Guava Cake?
this past weekend I was introduced to it
and let me tell you
I have never had a better slice of cake ... ever!
The cake was moist,
not too sweet,
and pretty much heavenly.
Our good friends bought it at a bakery called Akis
where the cake usually sells out by noon.
Pretty much I know what cake I will be having at my graduation.
This weekend Marc and I stayed local
which was so refreshing.
I made a killer strawberry jam on Friday night
and let me just say,
late night jamming is quite fun.
On Saturday,
Marc and I headed over to Daniel and Monica's for juicy lucy burgers
zucchini pickles,
salted pepper french fries
of course,
guava cake.
Daniel tried his hand at making juicy lucy burgers
and the outcome was so, so, so tasty!
While the boys watched basketball,
Monica helped me style a photo shoot for the magazine I am working on.
The lighting in Monica and Daniel's kitchen is incredible
and Monica knows a thing or two about aesthetics
the shoot turned out beautifully.
All in all,
Marc and I had weekend filled with local goodness
just what we needed.
Happy Monday!