Wednesday, March 30, 2011

spring in my step

Spring blooms
my favorite flowers
so good
a scoop of coffee almond sorbet
a carrot cake cupcake to split
a hot buttered latte kind of afternoon
spring is in my step

It officially feels like Spring
I literally have a spring in my step.
Marc and I perused one of our favorite farmers' markets today
where we enjoyed a funky little band,
picked up some roasted red pepper jam,
and had a scoop of coffee almond sorbet from one of my favorite stands
I could not help but take in all of the aromas of one of my favorite markets
you should have seen how many people were out.
we headed to a place that has stolen my heart
We ordered a carrot cake cupcake to split
I enjoyed a hot buttered latte to cap off a great day.
If you are ever in the Santa Cruz area you must:
must orders: the carrot cake cupcake and a hot buttered latte.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a day at the beach

playing the drums
eating lunch
admiring the views
a sunny bloom
taking it all in
my brother Ben
thinking a little too much
a decadent latte
enjoying the light
Ben and I
chocolate chip cookies upon request
dark chocolate chips are key
a treat for my brother

After a week of rain,
and more rain
a day at the beach was much needed.
My brother came to visit over the weekend
we took the opportunity to pack up our hand drums
(a new hobby of mine),
put on our sunglasses,
and headed to one of my favorite spots
Santa Cruz.
The weather could not have been more perfect
sunny yet cool, and so refreshing.
We sat near West Cliff and ate our sandwiches,
played our drums, and admired the views.
we went to a local coffee shop and relaxed,
grabbed sushi for dinner and soaked in the aromas of a great day.
Visits from family truly make me happy.
My brother left yesterday
I sent him off to college with a bag filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies
his favorite.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Guava Cake and Local Goodness

Guava Cake
a perfect slice
just for you
enjoying every bite
a juicy lucy burger with zucchini pickles
fresh flowers and blood orange soda
dabbling with making juicy lucy burgers
each patty has a dollop of tomato jam and cheese inside
homemade zucchini pickles
a photo from my jam shoot
a weekend filled with local goodness

Have you ever had Guava Cake?
this past weekend I was introduced to it
and let me tell you
I have never had a better slice of cake ... ever!
The cake was moist,
not too sweet,
and pretty much heavenly.
Our good friends bought it at a bakery called Akis
where the cake usually sells out by noon.
Pretty much I know what cake I will be having at my graduation.
This weekend Marc and I stayed local
which was so refreshing.
I made a killer strawberry jam on Friday night
and let me just say,
late night jamming is quite fun.
On Saturday,
Marc and I headed over to Daniel and Monica's for juicy lucy burgers
zucchini pickles,
salted pepper french fries
of course,
guava cake.
Daniel tried his hand at making juicy lucy burgers
and the outcome was so, so, so tasty!
While the boys watched basketball,
Monica helped me style a photo shoot for the magazine I am working on.
The lighting in Monica and Daniel's kitchen is incredible
and Monica knows a thing or two about aesthetics
the shoot turned out beautifully.
All in all,
Marc and I had weekend filled with local goodness
just what we needed.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

good things

morning chai lattes
lots of foam
strawberry muffins
good mornings
a sample from my photojournalism project
afternoons in the garden
a weed in the wind
I know
coffee dates
a cup of goodness

This week has been just what I've needed.
I have had time to write,
enjoy yoga,
and catch up on my blog reading.
It has been raining here but it hasn't put a damper on my week.
A quick hello to new readers and a hello to those steady and true Coeur de La readers,
I love reading your comments and love reading your blogs.
Coeur de La is approaching its two year birthday
and it got me thinking
it is time for a little revamp.
What do you want to see more of on Coeur de La
how to's,
garden photos,
more fashion posts,
coffee posts,
food posts, travel posts?
I would love to know.
Would you use a recipe index if I revamped my previous one?
On another note, my sister and I
are headed on a little road trip to cap off my Spring Break.
without further ado,
I will leave you with a list of good things
that I hope will carry through to the weekend.
Some good things I've been enjoying:
homemade chai lattes
reading page after page of The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook
planning my attack to create a well stocked pantry
(think jams, pickles, preservers oh my)
trips to the snow
visiting with sweet friends
strawberry muffins
pickled zucchini
morning smoothies with almond milk
trips with my camera
yoga mornings.
What are some good things you've been enjoying?
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

don't leave without dessert

a delicious place
you had me at blood orange
a Sunday afternoon
Mac the Goat
spicy mac n cheese
a perfect bite
don't leave without dessert
good meal bliss at Homeroom

Hello Coeur de La readers!!
I am back from a snow filled weekend.
To say it snowed would be an understatement
there was snow EVERYWHERE
fresh, soft, powdery SNOW.
We even got snowed in on Sunday
don't worry we made the best of it and boarded Mount Rose for a second day.
All in all,
the weekend was just what I needed to start out my break.
Now that I am home I am excited to relax,
make jams galore,
go to one yoga class after another.
And of course,
I will be taking a little day trip back up to Homeroom.
Don't worry,
no attendance will be taken
the only thing expected of you at Homeroom is to kick up your feet
and enjoy some homemade Mac n Cheese.
I love that the menu has seasonal and local
dishes to choose from.
My personal favorite was the spicy Mac n Cheese
that I paired with a blood orange cider from Two Rivers.
trust me when I say this,
do not leave without dessert.
A homemade brownie topped with locally made vanilla bean ice cream
drizzled in rich caramel will send you into good meal bliss.
the next time you are visiting the Bay Area make a stop at Homeroom
for some good ole (NOT FROM THE BOX) Mac n Cheese.
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

headed to the mountains

headed to the snow
dad, sister and I ... trying to make the same face
in my element
taking a warm break
a must stop
Blue Bottle!

At noon today,
my quarter will be DONE.
After numerous papers,
a 170 point final in my Sustainable Food Systems class,
and a presentation for my photojournalism project
the quarter is DONE.
And, only one more to go!!
This next week I will be jamming to my hearts content,
reading some of my sweet reads
excited to finish Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and start Twain's Feast,
taking a trip with my sister
(where I know we will drink copious amounts of coffee and eat caramel apples)
days filled yoga and running
ahh breaks are so sweet.
I am headed to Tahoe for three days of boarding!!
(last week I went with my dad and sister ... oh the fun we had)
Have a great weekend!!!