Thursday, June 30, 2011

lilikoi and the up-country

there is no place like ...

Keokea Omelet and a Cup of Kona Coffee

taking a morning walk on Thompson Road

admiring everything
loving the up-country 

Maui blooms



a Maui beauty

stocking up ... Guava Jelly, Lilikoi Butter, and Mango Butter

my kind of shopping 
bananas, strawberries, blueberry banana bread, and lots of jam

look what the chickens left us

for breakfast

Breakfast at Home: Maui French Toast

French Toast with almond butter and bananas

French Toast with lilikoi butter and Kula strawberries

Maui put me completely at ease ... from breakfasts spent at home, spending time in the garden, anticipating eggs from sweet chickens, walks along one of my favorite roads, and road side stands with fresh strawberries, blueberry banana bread, guava jelly, mango butter, and lilikoi butter ... I simply could not get enough of the up-country of Maui. I gathered so much inspiration from this little trip ... a new jam to try,  even more of a passion for my photography, and the trip gave me insight to realize that I need to simplify my life (here) back at home. Emmy and I spent our days practicing yoga, chatting, laughing, hiking, eating, and simply relaxing. Stay tuned for some Maui foodie posts, a sweet little day trip that will have you jumping off waterfalls and hiking through bamboo, and a little town that you will drive to just for the food ... my Maui guide will be up next week. Wishing all of you a relaxing and delicious Fourth of July!!

Do: venture to the up-country of Kula
Try: lilikoi butter
Go: stop at Grandma's for breakfast and coffee
Must: take a walk on Thompson Road

Maui French Toast
three to four slices of sliced sourdough bread
1 cup almond milk
2 farm fresh eggs straight from your chickens (any eggs will do)
a pinch of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of vanilla
Kuala Strawberries (or your favorite strawberries)
2 sliced bananas
almond butter
lilikoi butter

1. Mix the eggs and almond milk in a mixing bowl
2. Add a pinch of cinnamon and the vanilla to the milk/ egg mixture and beat
3. Dip each slice of bread into the egg mixture ... front and back
4. Cook over medium heat until each side is lightly browned
5. Once all of your slices are cooked, top each piece of french toast with either lilikoi butter and strawberries or almond butter and bananas
6. Enjoy with a hot cup of Kona coffee

Thursday, June 23, 2011

change of plans

I changed my Summer plans!!! Yesterday, I booked a trip to Maui to visit one of my best friends. So, after a day of flying and waiting for connecting flights I am finally HERE. Emmy met me at the airport with the sweetest smelling lei and a warm hug. I woke up this morning smiling from ear to ear as the only sounds I could hear were the sweet songs of birds.  We are staying in the up country of Maui and  surrounded by lush green mountains. This morning we went to a cafe called Grandma's where we gabbed over a feta, basil, and tomato omelet.  Afterwards, we took a a walk and I snapped photo after photo.  This is exactly what I needed right after graduation ... time to nurture my soul. I don't have access to my photos so, next week I will do a recap. Until next time ... ALOHA.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

breakfast is ready

French Toast Casserole

out of the oven


breakfast is ready!

When I was younger my dad would make breakfast for my siblings and I almost every morning. And, when the weekends would come along I anticipated Saturday mornings ... as Saturday mornings meant my dad's French Toast.  I remember my dad standing at the bottom of the stairs and yelling ... breakfast is ready ... half asleep my siblings and I would trample down the stairs and rush to the table.  I can still smell the sweet smell of French Toast and taste the buttery maple goodness of my dad's Saturday morning French toast. It just so happens that I found a French Toast Casserole Recipe courtesy of Paula Deen that I knew I had to try. So, with a Baguette in hand I conquered the recipe ... soaking each piece in a mixture of vanilla, egg, half and half, milk, nutmeg and cinnamon. The bread turned into French Toast Perfection. While the french toast casserole absorbed the egg mixture I made a pecan topping that I later drizzled over the casserole.  The casserole plumped up and turned golden brown in the oven and the sweet smells of french toast filled my kitchen. I literally was whisked right back to Saturday mornings but ... this time I was the one who would be yelling ... breakfast is ready.

French Toast Casserole
Do: adapt the recipe to your liking ... I used less half and half and butter ...
Try: pairing your French Toast with fresh fruit
goal: have a Summer where I make EVERYTHING or try
wanting: copper pots
just watched: It's Complicated

Sunday, June 5, 2011



making strawberry scones

Sundays and strawberry scones

Strawberries. Strawberries in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Strawberries in my oatmeal, in my scones, and on my ice cream. I can't get enough of fresh strawberries. This weekend I made strawberry scones on one of my study breaks.  And ... the scones came out perfectly. Marc and I enjoyed them with fresh orange juice and enjoyed a Sunday morning at home. This week I will be making several kinds of jam, studying for one last final, and celebrating as Thursday is my last final ... I can't believe it is already June.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday!! Here is the recipe to the scones ... bisous.
Strawberry Scones
Do: enjoy them fresh from the oven
Must: use fresh strawberries (once you pick them or get them from the market ... use them ... right away)
Try: modify the recipe ... I used less butter and decided not to roll them out
Drink them with: Early Grey Lavender tea steeped in soy milk with wildflower honey

Friday, June 3, 2011




Local 123


Ironically, I have cut down my coffee consumption as of Monday. I am 4 days strong without coffee.  Don't worry, this won't be for long ... I just want to try and cut down my caffeine intake and ... work on moderation. My coffee drinking went a little haywire these past couple weeks as I have been working on a photo book. My concentration was ... can you guess ... coffee!! So, with my project handed in ... I have been drinking coconut chai, bowls of souls, and really enjoying low doses of caffeine.  I always like to check my habits and put them back in balance. I hope all of you have a great weekend whether you are drinking copious amounts of coffee, steeping cup after cup of tea, or just enjoying the small things.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



my first day in the garden ... June 2010

oh how the sun shines


As my last week of school approaches I find myself reflecting.  The last couple of quarters I've thoroughly enjoyed ... the numerous campus gardens where I have spent many of my breaks, snapping photo after photo in each garden, watching the seasonal progression of the plants, vegetables, and fruits on the farm, cultivating my curiosity when it comes to gardening, and developing a passion to learn more about gardening.  As I write my final papers and study for exams ... I am put at ease when I look around and breathe ... this experience has been beautiful. Happy Wednesday!

Currently ...
drinking: coconut cream tea steeped in frothy soy milk ... also known as: a bowl of soul at one of my favorite caf├ęs
dreaming: of my trip to France this September
anticipating: photographing my first wedding late June
writing: final papers
eating: copious amounts of almonds