Monday, August 29, 2011

the weekend

breakfast at Bouchon

beyond happy

sweet as a blueberry tart

The French Laundry's Garden

a photo from the wedding ... just a taste

Over the weekend one of my long time childhood friends got married!!! And, not only was I there to celebrate but I was there as her photographer and her makeup artist. Marc and I were asked to do her photos last year and I did not hesitate in saying yes. The day was all together beautiful and went off without a hitch. Each time I snapped a photo I realized that I have found my calling ... photography simply makes me happy. Later in the evening, Marc and I were able to dance the night away with the bride and groom and it just so happens they will be staying with us for several days in France while they are on their honeymoon.
Congratulations Emmy and Scott!!!
I also wanted to share one of my favorite photos from the day. I will share more photos once the bride and groom have seen all of them.

Yesterday, we headed to Napa with the foodie crew and savored in the sweet Napa air. The weather was beautiful. We stopped by Bouchon for breakfast, took a stroll in The French Laundry's garden, went on a leisurely drive while baby Evan slept, and stopped at Mumm for some sparkling wine. For lunch, we went to Rutherford Grill where we sat outside and had the Oreo Cookie Sundae for dessert (quite possibly my favorite dessert)! We ended our day at Oxbow Market where several lattes were enjoyed and oysters were consumed. And while we were sitting outside, a sweet little French Band serenaded us and as I sat there I couldn't help but feel anxious for Friday as Marc and I will be headed to France!!! This past weekend was truly a weekend that I will always remember.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

oh how Summer lingers

lunch at Magpie Catering

enjoying the Davis Farmers' Market

loving a chai iced tea sweet potato popsicle from Fat Face

loving my Schwinnn

the perfect seat

cofeee. YES please.

Knowing that Summer is coming to an end I am enjoying every last bit of Summer. This past weekend was filled with Summer goodness ... lattes, popsicles, farmers' markets, and a sweet little purchase that will extend my Summer into Fall. I found a bike that is perfect for lazy afternoon rides and farmers' market adventures.  I love how the last couple weeks of Summer are always warmer, sweeter, and they always seem to linger, at least in California.

Right now
reading: Poser a book all about Yoga
loving: dinners with long time friends
enjoying: doing nothing and being ok doing nothing
trying: a new jam

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

too good for words: The Sugar Cube

a fizzy lifting drink

waiting for this little beauty

salty and sweet

out of this world

loving every spoonful

a surprise from Kir ... cherry and passion fruit floats


One of the reasons Marc and I love Portland is for the food. I love the wide variety of food you can find, the sweets, and the coffee. This trip we stayed with our friends Lauren and Craig and it made us venture to places we had yet to discover. The last couple of trips to Portland we stayed downtown at The Ace and while I love downtown this trip far surpassed our expectations. We made it our mission to discover new spots, new areas, and new food carts. So, being that Marc and I love food carts I knew we had to venture to Belmont Street for a pod of food carts that we never knew existed (thanks Lauren).

The Sugar Cube
Today I want to showcase a food cart that in two days ... quickly became one of our favorite food carts. Lauren had told me that Kir's desserts would be right up my alley ... creative, salty, sweet, and simply out of this world ... and they pretty much held up to what Lauren said. The desserts were works of art. Each dessert was plated on a piece of china, some desserts were served in cute little jars making the desserts taste that much better. Our first trip to The Sugar Cube I ordered a fizzy lifting drink that sent me into food loving heaven. Then we had Kir pick two of her favorite desserts for Marc and I. As I giddily peeked at what desserts she was making I anticipated dessert perfection as it is always a must to have the chef choose. And thank goodness we did, she made us a dessert with meadowfoam honey, Greek yogurt panna cotta, vanilla roasted apricots served with two gingersnap cookies. Then if that wasn't enough she made us an Oregon roasted hazelnut and chocolate chip ice cream sandwich with vanilla bean ice cream and salted caramel. Both desserts made Marc and I completely quiet and awestruck: the desserts were too good for words.

The very next day, true to form, Marc and I were back. Kir surprised us with cherry and passion fruit floats and two more desserts that made me deem The Sugar Cube one of the BEST food carts ... EVER! So, if you live in the Portland area and have not been to The Sugar Cube ... GO. And, if you have yet to visit Portland .... VISIT. The Sugar Cube is waiting for you!! Bisous.

The Sugar Cube
must: have Kir pick your desserts
try: a fizzy lifting drink
order: a fizzy lifting drink
skip: lunch and order dessert
one item you must order: a passion fruit float
location: SE 43rd on Belmont