Monday, February 13, 2012

oh my ... sweet pie

oh my ...

sweet strawberry 


Will you try ... 

a slice of strawberry pie

you can't go wrong with

pecans and whiskey


I spent this past weekend surrounded by lattes, knee deep in pie dough, and went to one of my favorite brunch spots ... Outerlands. And, to top off my weekend, Marc surprised me with new glasses ... yes I am quite the nerd ... but I need my glasses as I can't see anything without them ... and my heart skips a beat for a cute pair of frames.

A rant: While I love baking cupcakes, scones, you name it ... there is something special about baking a pie. First off, a good crust is key. My go to is a Pate Brisee crust ... so simple and so good. Now onto your filling ... I love that the possibilities are endless when it comes to pie filling. My pie of choice has to be bourbon pecan pie ... served warm with whipped cream. I serve mine with a dollop of maple whipped cream and like to wash it down with strong black coffee.

And coming in a close second is my strawberry pie ... simple, sweet, and incredible. I found a great recipe from Saveur that is flawless. Now, why did I make pies this past weekend? Well, a coworker celebrated his birthday and of course the only way to celebrate is with pies!!! So a good friend of mine went all out and baked an assortment of pies: bourbon pecan pie, banana cream, Dutch apple, mud pie, and a sweet strawberry pie. Honestly, you simply can't go wrong with pies. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow. Bisous.

This and That
For a great Bourbon Pecan Pie recipe use this one
For a sweet Strawberry Pie use this recipe but use a Pate Brisee pie crust
weekend highlight: being around coffee all Saturday night at a mock barista competition
had the best: blood orange marmalade at Outerlands ... not too bitter and not too sweet
drink of choice right now: Whiskey Sours
feeling: thankful


  1. I am quite smitten with Whiskey (Irish, since our trip)….
    Your pies look so so so so delicious and so beautiful! YUM! you got it, girl!

  2. I need a sweetie pie like this in my life.

  3. I don't think these could be any more perfect. Mmm, I want me a slice ... of each!

  4. mmmmm...pecan pie is one of my favorites!

  5. I love these pies. I love all pie. I need a boozy pie in my life. *scampers off into kitchen*

  6. Whiskey sours, pie and brunch at Outerlands? I always knew I adored you!

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  8. You can't beat a good slice of pie and Outerlands makes me soooo happy. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Bisous.

  9. bourbon pecan is my favorite!!!! my brother got married two years ago and he and his bride wanted a pie buffet not cake and he asked me to make them. so honored but let me tell you making 9 fresh pies in a standard home kitchen will wear you out!

  10. i've never made pie before, because the crust seems a bit daunting to me. yours looks awesome! i'm super impressed and wished i could be there to sample :). haha!



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