Wednesday, February 15, 2012

too good for words ...

too good for words ... breakfast at Outerlands

Blood orange marmalade with crusty sourdough bread. Spiced ginger apple cider. A rich open faced sandwich. Dutch Pancake with caramelized apples and sweet maple syrup. 

There are some things that are too good for words. And my friends, my breakfast at Outerlands this past weekend was just that ... too good for words and complete sentences. 


  1. You have to stop telling everyone about our secret place–it's already mobbed! :)

  2. Stopping by your blog always makes me hungry.

    Everything looks divine!

  3. Glad I can make you hungry :) and the food did pose nicely for my photos. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

  4. oh my gosh. i haven't had a good piece of sourdough in ages! that's gotta change asap!


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