Monday, January 23, 2012


mini red velvets for friends

all dressed up with somewhere to go


a gift from a friend

too cute for words.

too good for words.

Baking. I love it. When I am not baking I am thinking about baking ... from new recipes to try, ingredients, pairings, frosting, muffins, scones etc. Over the past couple of weekends I've baked brunch for friends, mini cupcakes, and scones, scones and scones. So, I couldn't help but be excited when a good friend recently baked for me.

I was leaving work when I heard someone yell "Caroline"!! It was my friend Kim and her little daughter Natasha. They met me at work for hot chocolate and chai. And, the best part of our meet up ... other than our great conversation ... was that Kim brought me a whole box of cake pops (she knew I had never had one). When I opened up the box I found 2 little cupcake pops, 2 pops that looked like apples, a football pop, and 4 dark chocolate and white chocolate pops ... she absolutely spoiled me! And, what it reminded me is that: even though I love baking for others I love when others bake for me (friends are you listening)??!!
Happy Monday Everyone!!

loving: red velvet lattes
cake pops: Kim's cake pops were incredibly gooood
baking: dabbling with a new carrot cake recipe
starting: my own bread starter this week
feeling: a bit under the weather so tea and rest are my best friends

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a market perusal and blood oranges

Over the weekend I took a much needed trip to my local farmers' market where I spotted some of my seasonal favorites: pink and red tulips, first of the season strawberries (oh sweet California), fresh herbs, apples of several varieties, stinky cheese, blood oranges, and dates. I picked up a large bag of blood oranges for a blood orange marmalade that I hope to slather onto crusty baguettes. And, I am surprised the dates even made it home as I happily devoured handful after handful while perusing the market. I love dates ... simple, sweet, and perfect on their own.

Right now, as I am writing this post, a batch of savory scones are in the oven and they are tempting me with their sweet aroma. Even if I spend my mornings baking away ... I still love the comfort I find when it comes to baking at home.  This week at the cafe I am whipping up several chocolate truffles, savory muffins that happen to be a hit, and my tried and true orange cranberry scones. The weather has finally dropped and a scarf is much needed in the mornings. Maybe, this coming weekend I will have to bring an umbrella to the market ... either way I am happy January is here ... because my fruit bowl is filled to the brim with blood oranges. Enjoy your week everyone and bisous!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

baking at a coffee shop has its "PERKS"

What can I say? I've taken a break from my sweet little corner of the internet BUT for a very good reason. I was hired to bake for one of my favorite cafes!!! Think copious amounts coffee sipping while I pump out baked goods for the sweetest customers. Mind you, up until two weeks ago, I was one of those customers. These past two weeks have felt like a dream ... waking up at 5am, listening to French music on the way to work, making muffins, scones, cupcakes, caramels, and sweets galore ... my mornings baking have made my heart swell with happiness. But, I've had some stressful moments too ... like a morning where my caramels didn't set right due to my small little stove top turning off or rushing my classic red velvet recipe and having a red velvet disaster of sorts. But, even with the mishaps, I absolutely love every moment of whisking, planning, sifting, creating and baking. And ... lets not forget that while I bake there is a sweet aroma that lingers in the air ... espresso. Baking at a coffee shop has its "perks"... literally!! Happy Friday readers ... I promise to have plenty of baking stories for you next week. BISOUS.