Monday, March 26, 2012

the weekend and hummingbird cupcakes

My weekend was filled with:
a trip to a classic donut shop where they set the standard for glazed donuts (more on this later)
a road trip where we stopped at one the cutest cafes ... Sideboard (in Danville, Ca) where Marc and I ordered the best black bean burger
a late night baking session where I baked hummingbird cupcakes for my grandma
a meet up with the cutest couple where we chatted about their wedding that I'll be shooting in July
a 75th surprise party for my grandma ... she was beyond surprised and so happy
and a trip to my local library where I finally got a library card ... I went wild and checked out 8 books

The cupcake details:the hummingbird cupcakes were a hit. They literally remind me of Hawaii ... think a pineapple, banana, and coconut cupcake garnished with a dried pineapple flower and a sweet cream cheese frosting. These cupcakes are perfect for Spring and best served with tea or a glass of refreshing lemonade. You can find the recipe here and I have to give thanks to Martha as this cupcake recipe was flawless. *Note I sliced my pineapple flowers thicker than suggested*


Thursday, March 8, 2012

blackberry rosemary muffins

blackberry rosemary muffins

tea and muffins

good things

This week I was inspired by the current issue of Bon Appetit and decided to get my muffin on.  I could not believe the delicious recipes that were in the latest issue of Bon Appetit ... blackberry lemon and thyme muffins ... really?? So, being that I had a basket of blackberries, buttermilk, and lemon I decide I would take a dabble at this recipe. But, I substituted the thyme for rosemary and my decision was well worth it. The muffins were perfect and tasted like a warm summer's day. These muffins pair incredibly well with a hot cup of tea particularly a green chai tea.  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend filled with sweet things, lovely things, and good things.

This weekend
looking forward to: a day trip to one of my favorite places
reading: the third and final book in the Hunger Games
scouting out: new photography locations
excited about: maternity photos for the sweetest couple
training for: a half marathon ... bring on the miles

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

morning picnics

morning picnic essentials


a selection of goodies

scones and parfaits ... oh my

yes please.

better than lunch ... brunch

always eat your fruit

the sign of a good meal.

A couple of weeks back on Cake I shared my tips for planning the perfect picnic brunch. The weather was crisp and cool and ideal for a February picnic. So ... I seized the day and packed our picnic basket with all of the necessities. When it comes to breakfast I usually have something light like yogurt served plain and simple, a cappuccino, or juice. But, we went all out for this picnic brunch and it was nice to indulge in a scone or two. I made a some maple date scones, brewed our coffee, assembled our yogurt parfaits in mason jars (quite handy and cute), and put together our breakfast sandwiches. When our basket was filled to the brim with morning goodness we headed out to our local rose garden for a morning picnic. The garden was quiet, still, and beautiful. We did get some strange looks from the occasional passerby as I am not sure they had ever seen people on a picnic at 9am.  So, the next time you plan a picnic bring your brunch with you! Happy Wednesday Bisous.