Monday, July 23, 2012

sweet summer plum sorbet

Nothing screams summer like a couple scoops of sorbet. For the longest time I was completely intimidated to make my own sorbet ... and I am really not sure why. Maybe the name intimidated me more than anything, so I brushed aside sorbet recipes. However, that changed this past weekend. What sent me over the edge and into sorbet making abandon was a bunch of fresh plums that I received in my weekly CSA bag. I love the last few weeks of July as stone fruit can be found in abundance, at least here in California. I grew up having one of the prettiest views (at least to my liking) from my bedroom window ... a glorious plum tree that was the home to several families of sweet song birds. I remember the day my dad had to cut it down and my view was never quite the same. Thus, my love affair with plums started at a young age and has carried on into adulthood.

So, it was over this past weekend that I found a recipe for Plum Sorbet that I knew I had to try and surprisingly, it was one of the most approachable and simplistic recipes I have ever used. I brought out my ice cream maker (which also makes sorbet) quartered and pureed my plums, pushed the puree through a sieve, added a 1/4 cup of sugar to my pureed plums, a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a 1/4 cup of water, stirred, and then poured my sorbet mixture into my ice cream maker for thirty minutes. Afterwards, I scooped the sorbet into a large bowl that I covered and placed in the freezer for two hours. During dinner I could hardly wait to scoop sweet summer plum sorbet that was entirely homemade ... by me. And with every spoonful, I promised myself to never let a recipe intimidate me again as one may never know the outcome. Happy Monday everyone ... bisous.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

recipes you can count on

Sometimes ... when life gets busy and I feel overwhelmed the only thing that puts things into perspective is a good recipe. And for me, it happens to be my grandma's banana bread recipe. I remember afternoons where my grandma would have warm, right out of the oven, slices of banana bread for us as an afternoon snack. My grandma's banana bread was something that I ate slowly and not one crumb was ever left behind.

And now ... the only thing that has changed when it comes to enjoying banana bread is that I love serving it with coffee even though I did steal sips of coffee from my grandma's mug when she was not looking ... something that makes me smile and laugh when I think about it now. So, over the past two weeks I've been busy getting use to a new routine hence my non existent time on Coeur de La but what I have found comforting is my tried and true family recipes. Recipes like my grandma's banana bread that basically make themselves as I have made them hundreds of times and each time is like the first.

I know that when I mash up my bananas, add some flour, a bit of sugar, eggs, cinnamon, numerous other ingredients, and the oven timer rings ... I have something I can count on, enjoy, and brings me right back to childhood. Now however, I add my own simple touches that I hope one day my grandkids will love ... banana bread shaped as hearts, covered in sweet cream cheese, and topped with almonds and coconut. And even though my banana bread is covered in cream cheese it is still that same ole banana bread that stole my heart and my stomach when I was a kid.

This and That
need to: write more
reading: Fanny and Zooey
comforted by: family recipes
trying to: follow my heart
excited to say: that July is my birth month
drinking: lavender tea and lots of it
countdown till: France ... we leave in a little over a month
looking forward to: catching up on my favorite blogs
new love: shooting with film