Thursday, October 25, 2012

keeping it real by throwing lemons


I started this blog back in March of 2009 and for those of you that have followed me since way back then ... you may have noticed I enjoy simple things, I like to bake, and I find adventuring at farmers' markets invigorating. I know pretty adventurous!!  But, after chatting with one of my good friends I noticed that there is a side of me, a witty, humorous, sometimes bitter (think eighty five year old man), and painfully honest side that rarely but sometimes, makes a glimpse on Coeur de La. Well, my friends if there is one thing that majoring in Literature has taught me ... it is the things that one chooses not to write about or is afraid to, that often sheds light on one's true character.

Those moments of feeling tired and wanting a simple smoothie for dinner, those times when I have drank too much coffee (something I did not believe I would ever do) and feel WIRED and not so good, or those times when I have gone to bed angry and woke up not to indulge in a cup of tea but poured myself a black cup of coffee with a shot of whiskey (exaggerating but it sounded nice) and burnt my toast and instead of throwing it out I simply ate it. Burnt toast and all.

Don't get me wrong I still love to travel and experience new things :) but ... now approaching thirty (I have 9 more months till the big 30) when life gives me lemons I do not always make sweet tea. I contemplate throwing the lemons at the individual or situation who dealt me them. My camera sometimes stays at home and sitting in a bookshop for hours would still be a good day to me. I do love laughing until my stomach hurts but have found that life is not always about simple goodness.

Life is about those things that knock you down, make you uncomfortable, those situations that are entirely awkward, and all of those moments in between.

So, my friends, I am still going to write about life's simple goodness but embrace a little bit more of me. A 29 year old impulsive baker who sometimes feels eighty, a photographer with wild hair, and a blogger who is going to keep it real ... take it or leave it. Now watch out for a flying lemon.

Monday, October 15, 2012

baking ... chocolate vanilla bean donuts


For those of you that frequent Coeur de La often you know how much I enjoy baking. And ... family and friends know how much I like to spoil others with baked goods. Well, two weeks ago the weather was crisp, the first rain fell, and I knew exactly what recipe I wanted to try ... a chocolate baked donut recipe I had found on the blog Heather Christo Cooks.  I loved how straightforward the recipe was and approachable. So, being the impatient baker that I am the very next day I picked up a donut pan, picked up my ingredients, and got to it.  The crisp weather had me craving a vanilla bean glaze and all I could think about was dark chocolate donuts dipped in a silky smooth vanilla bean glaze. Heaven. Lucky for me, I had two extra vanilla beans, some left over cream, and a heaping amount of powdered sugar and my decision was made for me. Upon first glance I could not believe the donut perfection that came from my oven ... moist, perfectly made chocolate donuts. Donuts that reminded me of afternoon grocery shopping trips with my mom where my siblings and I would on occasion get a bag of warm, right out of the oven donut holes. I can still remember the tang of the buttermilk much like these donuts.


Dipping each donut into the sweet vanilla glaze with my kitchen window open the smell of chocolate donuts, fresh air, and rain engulfed my senses. Baked donuts my friends are a perfect rainy day dessert and paired with a simple cup of coffee ... I am pretty sure there is nothing quite like it. So, get your whisks ready and get on it .... start baking.


Also, if you feel inclined my short essay on Morning Baking was recently published in Volume 5 of Kinfolk Magazine and I am honored I could share my story, love, and thoughts on baking with others. The list of authors, writers, and photographers that contributed absolutely inspire and amaze me ... and I am sure Coeur de La readers you will love Volume 5. You can order the Volume here ... enjoy your week and bisous.

PS I just got back from a trip to Oregon that was filled with good coffee and lots of it, delicious food, and a road trip that left me entirely smitten and ready to pack my suitcases and move to Oregon.