Monday, November 19, 2012

a slow breakfast

I am a fan of breakfast but not going out to breakfast. If and when I go out I enjoy a simple croissant and a cappuccino. But, going out to a full sit down breakfast usually leaves me feeling overly disappointed. Even at the best breakfast spots I usually think to myself I would rather be at home, enjoying a slow breakfast in my pajamas. So ... like the coffee enthusiasts we are I pulled out our Chemex and practiced pouring a slow cup of coffee. Honestly, the first two cups were terrible ... the grind was all wrong, I poured too much water, but the process was pretty and therapeutic. Finally, after several tries I figured out the grind and I slowly poured cups of coffee while gluten free pumpkin pancakes cooked on the stove.  So, there Marc and I sat with coffee grinds all over our table and our slow morning reaffirmed why I stay clear of over crowded breakfast joints ... because being at home is so much better. IMG_2157_edit 

Onto other business ... Coeur de La Photography has a blog now. I am excited to share with you little tid bits from the couples I have had opportunity to shoot. Each shoot always leaves me thankful and happy as I truly love what I get to do. And ... if you live in the Portland area and need a photographer (I mean its not like there are a shortage of photographers in Portland) but if you want to change it up and hire a Californian for your big day let me know ... I am aching to get back up to my all time favorite coffee loving state.

Have a great week and BISOUS.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thoughts on October and pumpkin donuts


October. Crisp night chills. Warm afternoon winds.  Weather Contradictions. Baking. Apple picking. Orchard photos. Late night baking. Donuts. Homemade.

October came and went too quickly. Where did the time go? I did manage to pack my month with all the quintessential Fall activities for an Autumn loving girl like myself. I savored October and even managed to dress up for Halloween. While baking a batch of graveyard donuts ... chocolate donuts with an oreo cookie frosting topped with a sour worm ... I grabbed an eye liner, drew on a a kitty nose, made two ears out of black construction paper, and had a costume for less than a dollar. Waking up with whiskers and a cat nose the very next morning was pure evidence that I had too many sweets the night before. I even screamed like a man not a girl .... (the sound that came from my mouth was unreal and I wondered who in the heck screams like a man) ... while watching a scary movie. Hint ... Abraham Lincoln is super cool with an ax. And, with faded whiskers and left over donut crumbs October was gone ... just like that. 

And now my friends it is November ... a month filled with knee highs, boots, and family gatherings that leave me wondering if on December first I will wake up with a gobble gobble and feathers. Enjoy your week everyone!!

For my pumpkin sugar donuts I used buttermilk instead of whole milk ... 1/3 cup to be exact ... a little change that makes all the difference. Use this recipe and you will be in good hands. Bisous.