Friday, April 12, 2013

Ode to a Good Customer ... from a barista


Good customers may seem easy to come by, but in this day and age where coffee shops are filled with an over abundance of laptops or people who assume macchiatos are made with caramel ... being a good  customer is something that is learned. "Good customers" ... the kind of customers that make eye contact, actually speak to you and not into their cell phone while ordering, are the kind of customer I cherish.

Ode to a Good Customer
1. you make eye contact and know that a good cup of coffee solves all problems (at least for a little while)
2. you know that with quality there comes a price, and that price is something you don't mind paying for, because again coffee solves all problems
3. you are able to engage in a 2-3 minute conversation with me ... your barista ... your morning friend ... someone who takes your order. you make eye contact and do not tell me to wait while you are ranting into your cell phone.
4. you are patient ...  again with quality sometimes there is a wait ... a wait well worth it
5. you know my name because we meet almost every morning and I know yours
6. you abide by the cafe's unspoken rules ... you know that clearing your dishes is a kind gesture, not expected, but is polite. that leaving the entry door open wastes electricity and you don't mind if I politely ask you to close it.
7. you are enthusiastic or eager to learn about coffee
8. MOST IMPORTANTLY ... I know my job as a barista is to create good customers. My job is to educate you on coffee, anticipate what you want or would like to order, and that most likely 9 times out of 10 you are right ... and again, if you are not right I will never tell you that you are wrong.
9. I appreciate you good customer and thank you.