Thursday, August 8, 2013

Traveling and Orcas Island


The need to travel is a something that runs through my veins. One of the things that I love about Marc is his love for travel. Each year we set aside two weeks to travel to a place where we can be carefree, explore, and simply just be. It is also quite convenient that Marc and I are the best travel partners ... and for me ... it is a true blessing. My idea of a great vacation is having an unplanned plan. Marc likes having a plan thus ... we balance each other out.


The next couple of posts are going to be dedicated to Orcas Island. An island that is part of the San Juan Islands just off the coast of Washington. When I first told friends and family where we were vacationing I either got two responses .... where is that or ... I loveeeeee it there.

Part of me wants to keep "my" little island adventures to myself in hopes that I will be the only one to ever adventure Orcas.  One of the reasons Orcas is such a special place is the lack of foot traffic there. There were times when we honestly felt like the only ones on the island and for me ... that is my type of vacation.


Our vacation to Orcas was simple: we ate homemade meals that Marc and I prepared together, enjoyed chilly fog lit mornings with cups of coffee,  took carefree hikes filled with wanderlust, and had lazy drives around the island where we purchased local produce and fresh flowers on an honor system. My faith in humanity was restored knowing there are still places with honor systems. It is nice to know people believe others are not out to rip each other off.  Our vacation was perfect in that perfectly imperfect kind of way.  It was simple. Simple in the sense that we did not have any grand plans other than just relax and enjoy everyday things with each other.  So, for now here is a little photo sneak peek of my posts to come.
Happy Thursday!


  1. How incredible. You like your vacations just like I like mine–it's a nice break from my typical Type A days.

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful and tranquil vacation :)

  3. Those flowers are beautiful!! And I totally agree on the traveling bit. I'm someone that has to get away every once in a while, even if for the day.

  4. I can't wait for your follow up posts. I have wanted to explore Orcas Island for many years (almost 15!) One day I shall make my way up there.

    1. Melissa you would love it there!! :)

  5. The San Juans are so amazing - I consider myself lucky it's in Seattle's backyard!

  6. oh my gosh that looks heavenly. and i am all about the unplanned plan when on vacation :)


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