Tuesday, January 22, 2013

being a barista and ... a sometimes blogger.


Well, I had all the intentions in the world to blog a bit more in January and then ... life happened. I pretty much have come to the conclusion that I am a "sometimes blogger" and I am ok with that. Ideally I want to give this little site an overhaul but I am not sure what direction I want it to go. What I do know is that the best way for me to find inspiration is going out and doing. So Coeur de La readers, if there happens to be a couple of weeks of silence you can all take comfort in the fact that I am out there in the big wide world ... doing, creating, and adventuring.

Latest and Greatest: For the past five months I have picked up a part time job as a barista. Yes, I am behind the counter steaming milk, pulling shots of espresso, and creating tasty beverages for coffee lovers. The job is difficult, fast paced, tiring at times, and honest to goodness work. I have so much more respect for individuals who work with food and in customer service now. Working as a barista has been ideal for my photography schedule as well. I work during the week as a barista and on weekends I get to escape behind my camera. Thus far, working in coffee has taught me several things that I did not know about myself and others ... some good and some bad ... so, I thought I would share it with you.

10 things I have learned as a barista
1. The smell of warm milk occasionally repulses me
2. If you can't repeat your drink order to me and say it five times fast ... please do not bother ordering it
3. No we do not serve grande cappuccinos ... a cappuccino is one size
4. PLEASE look at me when you order ... your phone call can wait
5. Fancy shoes do not offer support while working
6. Even nice people can be mean if you mess up their cup of jo order
7. Sometimes latte art looks a bit phallic when one is first learning ... this makes for some awkward yet hilarious moments
8. THE CUSTOMER is always right ...  but a good barista knows they are wrong ;)
9. Other Baristas are so much cooler (insert sarcasm)
10. When it comes down to it ... working with coffee makes me happy ... I like the ups and downs, the crazy customers, other baristas sharing their knowledge (maybe over sharing), the free perks, and the coffee community. Most importantly, there is an infinite amount for me to learn.
11. I have to add this .... ONE CAN HAVE TOO MUCH COFFEE ...

These 11 things are facts, but they are my truths and my facts, and they are most certainly not your truths, so if you don't think they are true ... well they probably aren't ... for you that is.
Hopefully I got a smile out of you.