Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy National Coffee Day ...

Happy National Coffee Day!
Naturally, I will be celebrating with a capp in hand and to celebrate I will be kicking off a new series 
 Coeur de La Coffee Chronicles. 
For those of you that have read my blog from the beginning know I would consistently write about restaurants, places, bakeries, or food establishments that I loved. Well, this is my way of getting back to that. Not only do I love coffee, drink coffee, make coffee (yes, I am an occasional barista) but I also know a decent amount about coffee. So my friends, these chronicles have been a long time coming ... a long time of research (ha my way of rationalizing my frequent sips).  The conversations that I have had with other baristas and coffee lovers encouraged and inspired me to write more and so ... here we go.

First up ... Andytown Coffee Roasters in San Francisco


I found this little slice of heaven two days before we were leaving for Ireland. It was serendipitous in that Andytown (where the shop gets its name) is in fact a suburb in Northern Ireland. And, thus far, Andytown's scones are the only scones I will waste my daily calories on ... they are worth it.  I love the shop because it is quaint, approachable, and really just different.



Sometimes with coffee and good coffee you get a type of snobbery but Andytown is the furthest thing from that. The owners are willing to chat, care about their espresso, and created an environment conducive for enjoying coffee. The shop is small and simple ... and I love that. Let me also not forget to state that they are pros at steaming almond milk ... I mean look at the below photo.


So from my cup to yours ... Happy Coffee sipping.

Andytown Coffee Roasters
Location: San Francisco in the Sunset
Decor: simple and sweet
Espresso: sweet and perfection
Baristas: friendly, helpful, and authentic
Pastries: the best, homemade, and are all tastes of Ireland
Ceramics: a friend of the owners makes their cups ... and they are aesthetically pleasing and cute.
Tip: don't bring a computer to sit and do work instead bring a friend and have a good ole conversation


  1. ooooh my gosh, most beautiful coffee day celebration photos EVER! that last picture, oh my, that is heaven! i hope you enjoyed your coffee day!!!!

  2. I remember reading about this place while it was being fundraised by the community to open its door. I was fascinated by all the donors & people who believed in Andytown. It is my most favorite coffee spot & the staff are simply incredible.

  3. I'd say happy coffee day to you, too, except every day is a happy coffee day for me... ;)

    That being said, I've really been getting into espresso lately and can't decide between the Nespresso Citiz vs Inissia. Picking out a good espresso machine sure is a lot harder than picking out a coffee maker (because the only good coffee maker is a French press, of course!)

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