Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lifestyle Photography … newborn photos at the beach.


With a new year comes new ideas, inspirations, and goals. Over time I have been affirmed that when it comes to how I photograph … simplicity is best. I say this because there is a never ending pressure to compare work. Comparing is a slippery slope. For me, comparing brings on the pressure to change (not always in the best ways), and fix things that are not always broken. Looking back on my photography from several years back I see things that are so raw, true, and simplistic. I cherish my early work because it was so … simple.  What is simple in regards to photography you might ask? Photos that are candid, journalistic, and thoughtful. I appreciate the importance of a good pose but what it comes down to is my ability to capture a tangible moment. Thus, lifestyle photography is what I am PRO at (ha ...I can toot my own horn every now and then right?!). Now that it is 2015 I have gone though the majority of my portfolio and realized that the shoots and photos that really resonate with people are the shoots that are considered lifestyle photography. Don't get me wrong, I think there are definitely newborn photos that should embrace the power of a good basket and blanket (you know the photos where you wonder how did that photographer get that newborn to do that?). However, every time I see photos like that I wonder in 5, 10, 15 years, will those photos be remembered? I want the people I photograph to remember an outing, a day, a moment.

So, it was my pleasure that I recently photographed a newborn session for a family that means the world to me. They wanted no fuss, simple photos, documenting their first outing together as a family of four.

I spent the morning with them chatting about their sweet little guys arrival, how their soon to be 3 year old was transitioning to big brother, and how it felt to be a family of four.




Honestly, being able to photograph moments like these are exactly why I love what I do.



Even wearing a beanie couldn't keep this guy away from the waves. I love seeing the endless energy kids have to play and play.



Life can be so fleeting, wonderfully sweet, and perfectly imperfect … moments like these can't be posed. But with photography they can be cherished … always.


Currently booking lifestyle family sessions … so drop me an email even if it is simply to say hello.


  1. Beautiful! I like the idea of a beach photo session even when it's not super warm out.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  2. ohhh such pretty pictures!!!

  3. wonderful..
    very nice pics, thanks for sharing