Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wellness and Fitness

Wellness and Fitness
 Wellness and Fitness are two very important things for me. The two go hand in hand for me, for example, when I run I naturally eat better. When I train for a race, I feel better. I am grounded, confident, and able to bounce back from daily stresses, for me this is wellness.  

Wellness for me are the things I do other than train that allow me to be a better version of myself. 

This year I made a big goal to train and complete an Ultra Beast so naturally I need things in my life that nurture and help me succeed when it comes to this goal.  For example, my nutrition needs to be food that gives me energy, makes me feel good, and bounce back from a tough workout.

When training for a big race or setting a huge goal the people in your life need to understand and support your goals. I say this because friends, family, and the people you spend your time with are an important part of your success. Their energy and habits directly affect yours. As you get older friendships and relationships change. I have found the strongest friendships and relationships endure. My "community" is filled with people who encourage, motivate and inspire, but I have had to make tough choices because it was not always this way.

Some things I do to improve my Wellness:
Yoga: for me it is one of my favorite ways to feel grounded and cross train
Nutrition and Cooking I am always on the hunt for new and healthy recipes. I am not someone who diets. I eat everything in moderation and when I crave something I eat it. After long runs I always want some type of beef but would not define myself as a meat eater.
Reading: Continually learning and educating myself has helped in training. I try to read something every day even just for 20 to 30 minutes.
 Internet: I'm trying to be more intentional with my actions, thoughts, and words. The things I read and look at on and off the internet directly shape who I am. You are what you do, read, and say, when no one is watching.

Running I have a big race schedule for 2017 (I will share this later) and a marathon coming up in April. The marathon is a "training run" for the Ultra Beast. I grew up running, but never really started running seriously until the past two years.
Cross Training and Weight Lifting: I am so grateful to have the best training partner :) he's continually creating circuit and weight lifting workouts that can be scaled down or up depending on the exercises we are doing that day.
Hiking: my favorite way to be active and explore.
Schedule: I am working out 5-6 days a week either doing yoga, hiking, running, and cross training. This is my life and at the moment and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

I've come to the realization that to have big goals the work that you do, the things you say and repeat all affect the outcome. So, as my favorite training partner says," stop talking and start training" haha.

Stay tuned for more fitness and wellness tips as I train for the Ultra Beast.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Brumes Coffee, Annecy

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, + more Coffee

If you know me by now, you know that I love good coffee. I have years of coffee sipping experience (haha) and being a former barista I have a high standard for good espresso. Not to mention, my expectations for great customer service is pretty high. Going back and forth between Paris and Annecy I am always on the hunt for thirdwave, well made, coffee. Back in California my local cafe, States Coffee in Martinez set some high standards for me but I am happy to say I found a place to call my own in Annecy ... Brumes.

Location: The cafe is tucked away off a popular street so it literally feels as if you are discovering a secret coffee spot all your own. For the coffee lover, that feeling of stumbling upon a "secret cafe" is just as important as finding a coffee shop actually selling good coffee.  The decor is sweet, clean, warm yet minimal. I have met several friends here and I love the community that has been created at Brumes.

My favorite drinks to order at Brumes:  a double espresso with creme de lait, I can thank my friend Julie (a former barista at Brumes) for this suggestion.
A Chemex, it's one of the few cafes I have found that will actually give you your own chemex. This is by far my favorite brew method for coffee.
V60 another favorite for a good brew of coffee and perfect for a snowy morning
A petit cappuccino with an extra shot, this is my drink of choice when I am craving milk and espresso.
Espresso ... you just can't go wrong

PS coffee sipping tip:  Try not to add sugar to your coffee, the more you add the more sugar you will crave. Sugar hides the taste of good espresso.

If you have time order lunch. One of my favorite cooks, Le Poulallier caters lunches and her food is incredible. The meals are healthy, filling, and so satisfying.

So, there you have it a little sneak peek into one of my favorite jaunts. A place that makes me feel less far away and at ...  home.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Food Styling and Photography Workshop in Paris

Food Styling and Photography Workshop, Paris
February 19th, 2016 :)

I am thrilled to announce I will be hosting a Food styling and Food photography Workshop in February, in Paris. I've been wanting to host a workshop for awhile now but wanted the timing to be right, so ...

The Details: Come with me for a morning of visiting one of my favorite Parisien markets in the 3rd quartier of Paris, Le Marais. We will take a variety of photos and I will assist you in how to take photos while out and about in Paris. After spending some time at one of my favorite markets we will head back to make an authentic French Tarte aux Pommes (my absolute favorite).

You will be using the ingredients from our market perusing and you will learn how to make an authentic Pate Brisee crust for your Tarte aux Pommes. During the process of baking, I will show you tricks and tips to make your photos tell a story, pop, and visually come alive. 

What will you learn: You will learn a variety of techniques in food photography, styling, and visual story telling. We will finish the day with an one on one photo session of your tarte aux pommes and then will have a q&a session while eating tarte aux pommes and drinking coffee and tea.

This workshop is for the individual who is visiting or living in Paris that wants to connect and learn food photography, styling, and visual storytelling in a warm creative atmosphere.

About me, your teacher Caroline Egan: I am a food and lifestyle photographer from San Francisco that recently moved to Annecy, France and Paris. I have a back ground in photography and recipe creating. I photographed and styled a National Best Seller, The Seasoned Life, and have photographed for numerous publications. Over the years I have fine tuned my food photography into a passion and I want to share my skills with everyone. Formerly a baker who is diving into the world of French baking and discovering, it’s incredible. Join me for a day of market perusing, baking, and photographing.

Investment: 290 euros
Includes: Course materials, ingredients, and the 4 hour food photography and styling course
Tools Needed:  Camera (any digital camera) a 50mm lens is recommended but not required, bring your smart phone 
Date: February, 19th Sunday
Where: quaint flat in Le Marais (more details upon registration)
Time: 9am-1pm 

Space is limited, register before February 10th.

Contact and Registeration Info:

Monday, January 9, 2017

big "Beastly" goals for 2017

Rather than set a resolution, make a promise, or start a new workout plan at the start of a new year I need some type of athletic race to complete, train for, attempt, and set my vision on. Registering for "that big race" allows me to be more dedicated in running my photography business (which is honestly challenging sometimes) and being present in my daily life. A race allows me to do physical, hard work and if I don't put in the work I know I can't fake it. You can't fake hard work when race day comes. When I have a goal that seems larger than life it makes everything else seem small, small in a good way.

So, after completing several Spartan Races last year (sprints,  two supers, a beast) and racing in a plethora of trail runs, half marathons, a marathon, I had this little voice in my head saying, "Caroline, go for an Ultra Beast". No no, that's a crazy goal I said several times to that little voice in my head. Then I remembered that's how it always starts, saying that's crazy or hearing you are crazy, because when I say that's crazy, I start scheming of ways to do and succeed at the "crazy thing".

And then ... I registered for an "Ultra Beast"! I am now committed and my free time is filled with: training, running, cross training, workouts, watching workout videos, writing about fitness, and signing up for a marathon simply as a training run. It's honestly surreal. And, if I really start to think about it, I'm terrified. HA! So, my friends I have no idea if I will finish in the allotted time but I am going for it, full speed ahead.

If you are wondering what an Ultra Beast is: it's a 40k trail marathon with over 60 obstacles. I definitely wouldn't have signed up for it on whim. I feel I put in the work last year so I want to test myself to see what I can do when goals become big, so big, that you are legitimately scared. But, scared in the best of ways. 

Happy 2017 friends, I hope this year is your year. Whatever goals you have for this year I hope you do them with pride and create a habit that inspires the people around you but most importantly, yourself. It's not the goal itself that matters, it's the steps you take to get there.