Monday, January 9, 2017

big "Beastly" goals for 2017

Rather than set a resolution, make a promise, or start a new workout plan at the start of a new year I need some type of athletic race to complete, train for, attempt, and set my vision on. Registering for "that big race" allows me to be more dedicated in running my photography business (which is honestly challenging sometimes) and being present in my daily life. A race allows me to do physical, hard work and if I don't put in the work I know I can't fake it. You can't fake hard work when race day comes. When I have a goal that seems larger than life it makes everything else seem small, small in a good way.

So, after completing several Spartan Races last year (sprints,  two supers, a beast) and racing in a plethora of trail runs, half marathons, a marathon, I had this little voice in my head saying, "Caroline, go for an Ultra Beast". No no, that's a crazy goal I said several times to that little voice in my head. Then I remembered that's how it always starts, saying that's crazy or hearing you are crazy, because when I say that's crazy, I start scheming of ways to do and succeed at the "crazy thing".

And then ... I registered for an "Ultra Beast"! I am now committed and my free time is filled with: training, running, cross training, workouts, watching workout videos, writing about fitness, and signing up for a marathon simply as a training run. It's honestly surreal. And, if I really start to think about it, I'm terrified. HA! So, my friends I have no idea if I will finish in the allotted time but I am going for it, full speed ahead.

If you are wondering what an Ultra Beast is: it's a 40k trail marathon with over 60 obstacles. I definitely wouldn't have signed up for it on whim. I feel I put in the work last year so I want to test myself to see what I can do when goals become big, so big, that you are legitimately scared. But, scared in the best of ways. 

Happy 2017 friends, I hope this year is your year. Whatever goals you have for this year I hope you do them with pride and create a habit that inspires the people around you but most importantly, yourself. It's not the goal itself that matters, it's the steps you take to get there.


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