Friday, January 13, 2017

Brumes Coffee, Annecy

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, + more Coffee

If you know me by now, you know that I love good coffee. I have years of coffee sipping experience (haha) and being a former barista I have a high standard for good espresso. Not to mention, my expectations for great customer service is pretty high. Going back and forth between Paris and Annecy I am always on the hunt for thirdwave, well made, coffee. Back in California my local cafe, States Coffee in Martinez set some high standards for me but I am happy to say I found a place to call my own in Annecy ... Brumes.

Location: The cafe is tucked away off a popular street so it literally feels as if you are discovering a secret coffee spot all your own. For the coffee lover, that feeling of stumbling upon a "secret cafe" is just as important as finding a coffee shop actually selling good coffee.  The decor is sweet, clean, warm yet minimal. I have met several friends here and I love the community that has been created at Brumes.

My favorite drinks to order at Brumes:  a double espresso with creme de lait, I can thank my friend Julie (a former barista at Brumes) for this suggestion.
A Chemex, it's one of the few cafes I have found that will actually give you your own chemex. This is by far my favorite brew method for coffee.
V60 another favorite for a good brew of coffee and perfect for a snowy morning
A petit cappuccino with an extra shot, this is my drink of choice when I am craving milk and espresso.
Espresso ... you just can't go wrong

PS coffee sipping tip:  Try not to add sugar to your coffee, the more you add the more sugar you will crave. Sugar hides the taste of good espresso.

If you have time order lunch. One of my favorite cooks, Le Poulallier caters lunches and her food is incredible. The meals are healthy, filling, and so satisfying.

So, there you have it a little sneak peek into one of my favorite jaunts. A place that makes me feel less far away and at ...  home.


  1. God bless you for writing this post! lol I am headed to Annecy tomorrow and could really use a great coffee. Any chance you are still around? Would love to meet up for a morning espresso!

    1. Leslie, I believe Brumes will be closed when you are here. Try Barista or Largo if you like yummy coffee. Email me :) I would be happy to meet!