Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Murmur ... Annecy, France

"April Showers bring May Flowers"

There are some places that you find that really just take your breath away. This happens every so often for me, and it usually happens when I find a place that exudes inspiration. A place that is so thoughtfully created you want to stay for hours.

 Murmur is is just that ... a shop created with heart. Every little detail is thoughtful, playful, and true. I believe when a place is created with authenticity, passion, and love ... you can feel it.

 Tucked away on one of my favorite streets in Annecy, Murmur sits perfectly, quietly, waiting to be discovered. Inside Murmur, you will find seasonal flowers, boquettes, and a plethora of other sweet things. Sweet things such as: jewelry, cards, candles, and more. Every little corner has a thoughtfully created vignette.

 I love spaces that allow you to escape from your everyday routine and ... dream. Murmur does just that.

When you visit Murmur
A must: surprise a friend or loved one with flowers
Love: that the boquettes are wrapped in natural paper, not plastic
Pay Attnetion: flowers are all seasonal
Do: take your time, it is a space to definitely relax and enjoy