Thursday, May 11, 2017

Update on Training

I had all these grand plans to post more about my training for the Spartan Ultra Beast that I will be doing this coming July, however, with so much training I am too exhausted to blog. Thus, I decided to give myself a break and post when I can.

The training has been difficult to say the least. Lots of running, several injuries (a mild stress fracture in my foot and a back injury however both have healed up) but I have remained steadily on course.  Training for such a big race, balancing life, work, and scheduling workouts has been challenging. I also have found that people are either completely supportive or don't care how training is going. For me, it's like knowing a friend who is a mom and never asking ... how are your kids?(ok maybe not the same, but I imagine it would feel that way).  Training for this race is a huge part of my life that I somewhat expected to have people as pumped on my goals as I am ... but that's not the case and you know what ... that's perfectly ok. This race is my goal, not theirs and on race day I will be doing the race.

In the past month I have ran a marathon in Milan, Italy, a 28k trail race (the longest trail I have ever done) a half marathon, and then coming up a trail marathon (luckily I have the BEST training partner). It has been easy for me to compare times and I start to feel like I am running too slow. Then I overthink and get discouraged about my overall performance ...  so I pause and try to put things into perspective. I list out the actual races that I have done and I begin to see that ... it is a road to an Ultra Beast. The training, the miles,  and everything in between matters.  I am training for something big. Recently, I got really sick and my body literally shut down and forced me to rest. So, while I've been resting I have been craving juice. More specifically, orange carrot ginger juice ... it's incredible what your body knows it needs. My little recipe of my "rest up juice" reminds me that rest is just as important in training as logging in the miles, lifting the weights, and hitting the trail.

One of the first things I bought abroad was a 40 euro mini juicer (nothing fancy) that makes a tasty juice. An important thing to remember when making juice is: drink your juice when it's fresh if not it will loose nutrients and vitamins the longer it sits. Feel free to add lemon to your juice, ginger, or mint for natural stimulants. I am not an expert but I do know and pay attention to how my body feels before, during, and after a workout. I believe in moderation and eating/drinking what your body craves. Ok, now for the recipe :)

3 large carrots washed and peeled
Ginger root peeled and chopped (I use one small root as I like my juice potent) use it to your liking and sparingly if needed
5 oranges peeled
1 small apple (green is my favorite)

1. Put all ingredients into your juicer, one piece or two at a time.  I try to vary between carrots and oranges, so my juicer doesn't work too hard.

Super tip: I use a plastic bag in the back of my juicer where the pulp goes. This saves time cleaning. You can also use the pulp for baking muffins or as compost in your garden.

2. I pour the juice into old jam jars ... this definitely comes from my days at UC Santa Cruz and I still have that hippie in my soul. I loved carrying around a jam jar hiking to class .... ah some of the best of times.

3. Drink your juice as soon as it is juiced. I use to think I needed to drink my juice cold but you get more nutrients if it is warm, straight after juicing... fresh is better.  I also add a little turmeric or cayenne to my juice, but do as you want.

4. Cheers and happy juicing

And remember, wellness is all about taking care of yourself. Knowing what suits "your" body and listening to your gut, literally your gut and doing things in moderation.

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