Monday, June 12, 2017

the "almost" pancake ...

I am a big believer of moderation. While training diet is an essential part to everyday life and goes beyond looking good. What you eat directly is related to how you feel. However, I have found simply avoiding foods ends up making me feel frustrated, annoyed, and as if I am missing out on something. I want my overall nutrition, and workouts, to be more of something I do for the rest of my life rather than something I do just to look good for Summer or a vacation. So, over time I have found recipes that work with my sensitive stomach that are healthy, tasty, and perfect for training.

My race schedule is jam packed so it is imperative I have a breakfast that keeps me full but not feel heavy. Several years ago, I realized I had a small dairy intolerance and that I am sensitive to eating carbs. Now don't get me wrong, if I crave pasta before a big race I eat pasta. But, I do not have carbs in my everyday diet ... I don't need them nor do I really like them at every meal. I grew up having great breakfasts. My dad would make French Toast with peanut butter before schoool. On weekends he would yell from the bottom of the stairs ...."breakfast is ready" ... I can still hear him!! My sister, brother and I loved Saturday morning breakfasts. There was not a dull or quiet moment at our table. We pretty much would argue who would get the next pancake or French toast, while poking fun at each other.  And my mom  .... she makes the best blueberry pancakes. The kind of blueberry pancakes that are perfectly crispy on the outside, light brown, and when you take a bite fresh blueberries burst with summer flavors.

 I happened to have found and adapted a recipe that still gives me the nostalgia of pancakes but with no carbs. I call them my "alsmost pancakes" and they do not disappoint. It does take me one or two pancakes to perfect as I always always make a royal mess out of the first pancake on the grill. These pancakes are perfect while training, on race day, or on a slow Saturday morning. They have three ingredients and are super simple to make. The banana is a great source of potassium, the eggs are a perfect protein, and cinnamon, well I put it in almost everything.

So without further ado ... "the almost pancake"

2 ripe bananas
1 egg
a pinch or two of cinnamon

1. In a small bowl mash your two ripe bananas ... I do so with a fork
2. Mix in your egg and make sure your mixture is well mixed and bananas are well mashed
3. Sprinkle in your pinch or two of cinnamon

4.Use a medium sized pan and put a little bit of coconut oil or I typically use a little bit of butter. It's my way to get just a little bit of dairy and fat. Once your pan is ready pour your batter onto your pan. Let cook about 5-6 minutes. The batter sometimes breaks apart but if you are patient the batter will stay firm. They are definitely not like the consistency of other pancakes but do fill the void in a healthier way for me. Flip your pancake one or two times making sure the center is cooked.

5. Drizzle with maple syrup, honey, or I use agave

6. Pair with a cup of coffee and enjoy

These pancakes again are my go to, my fuel, and keep me full and feeling strong. Wellness and Fitness isn't just about your workouts ... I don't believe there is one solution for everyone. Everyone is different so find what foods work for you, what workouts make you feel alive and vibrant ... and do them.

So in true fashion, Breakfast is Ready!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Coffee and Photography Stroll ... Annecy, France

I am so excited to announce a "Coffee Tasting and Photography Stroll" I will be putting on for fellow coffee and photo lovers in Annecy, France. I have had this planned for some time now but wanted to wait till the weather and timing were right.

I recently met up with a blogger and photographer visiting Annecy who emailed me directly because of a post I did on Brumes Coffee. We met for coffee, then I took her and her friend on a market tour where we tasted local cheese, I shared what wines to pair their cheese with, and helped them with speaking to the locals in French. We finished with of course, more coffee. I shared that I was planning on doing a coffee and photography tour for other travelers, and she gave me the nudge to do so, saying, I must. For me, this is the reason I love blogging, writing, and sharing.

Why photos and why coffee? These are two of my favorite things and they happen to go hand in hand. Often when visiting a new place it is hard to find the "best" coffee or the secret spots for dreamy photos. Well, after several requests to give small guided tours I decided ... why not share my love for coffee and photos with the community.

 I have photographed professionally for the past 7 years and before coming abroad to France photographed and styled a National Best Seller, "The Seasoned Life" by Ayesha Curry. I have an eye for details, a love for good food and coffee, and photography experience that I want to share with you in a fun, natural, candid setting. What better way than walking through Annecy, France and drinking coffee.

Why Coffee?
As a former Barista and avid coffee drinker, I know what good espresso needs and should to taste like. I also have become a pro at finding cafes that make you want sit, dream, read, talk, and relax. I want to share my tips and tricks for photography while we sip tasty coffee. How to take better iphone and camera photos while out and about, traveling, eating, or adventuring. My goal is to help you create a story with your photos while enjoying the present moment.

The details: Saturday, June 17th 9am -10:30am
Price and what it includes: 19 euros, (Coffee at two locations :) a small practical guide to photography, and an hour and a half walking tour)
Where: Annecy, France (exact location will be emailed once registered)
Languages spoken: stroll will be in English and French
What will we do: We will go to two of my favorite cafes, there we will take photos, enjoy coffee, and afterwards go on a small walk where I will show you some of the sweetest spots Annecy has to offer, perfect spots for photos. I will give you tips and tricks on how to take better photos, and offer suggestions and critiques.
What to bring: Small journal for notes, camera or iphone welcome 
Who should sign up: locals, visitors, coffee lovers, photo lovers, dreamers, travelers

Intention: To find a way to build a community through sharing what we love about coffee and photography

For registering please email me at: coeurdelaphotography@gmail by Wednesday, June 14th

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Coeur de La's Half Marathon and Race Day Tips

A friend recently wrote me for some half marathon tips for race day and coincidentally I received several emails during that same week, if I had general tips or advice for race day. Like many runners, I am always on the lookout for more tips. I google, pin, search, and ask for tips myself. After consistently running races for the past year (every weekend) I have ran enough miles to feel comfortable sharing some of my race day tips.  I hope they help you, and feel free to share these with your other running buddies. My best tip is to: 

listen to yourself, learn as you go, and over time you will find what works for you.
 I still get race day butterflies, feel anxious the night before a race ...
I think that will always happen for me. 
Those race day nerves show me I care, allowing me to show up,  
and run.

My Half Marathon Race Day Tips ... but you can use them for any race

In General: have fun and make it fun ... I like to run dedication miles to people who inspire, motivate, or encourage me. This helps me put my race into perspective that in the end it is just a race, that life is the big picture. One of the best races I have ran was a 10k trail race in France where I actually made podium, coming in first. I ran that race for my sister. She had recently been running and started training. She inspired me with her photos she would send showing her new joy for running. So, I ran for her.

Bring water, I run with a light weight water belt and for longer runs I use a camelback so I never have to stop at water stations. If you do grab water, grab water towards the end of the water station,  you will bypass everyone at the first portion of the water station.

Race Goal: Have a goal to keep moving, even if it is slow towards the end, make it a goal to move.

The Start: The first 5k of any race or start you will have a surge of adrenaline to run fast, it's adrenaline and others will be running fast too, but keep your pace. It's a half marathon you will make up that time at the end.  

Your race, your pace.

Mantras: Create a mantra you say to yourself: for example you could say your race, your pace. Mantras are quick reminders to stay present. Stay positive. Stay focused.

Sipping Water: Drink water at every mile sign, even just a sip. I do this because if I start getting negative it usually means I am needing fuel, or my body needs water. Remember when you start to get thirsty it's too late. Keep hydrated.

Properly Fueling: Bring race fuel and bring your own. I have a sensitive stomach and there are only few Gu's that set with my stomach. Use whatever you have been training with. I also love (this is for long long trail runs over 30k-40k) eating dried apricots or a piece of bread.

What you Wear: Wear clothes you've been training in, sometimes there is a pressure to get a new race outfit but no no wear what is comfortable. After 11 miles, chafing does happen, and new outfits will move. You will have no idea how they feel on you while running. Are they comfortable or not?  I once wore a new bra and oh my the story is not pretty.

Music: If you run with music try resisting for the first 5-6 miles, and use it at the end, it is great motivation and something to look forward to. I don't run with music but when I did this was a very good way to get a bit of energy at the end of the race. When I am not running to music at the start of the race I am more present allowing me to take in the sights and sounds of the race start.

Your Time: Don't get stuck on a specific time, just be so proud you signed up, and are doing what others would maybe be afraid to do. Focus on times the more you run, the more you train. If you are a runner and you don't meet your race day time, reevaluate your training, set new goals, and move on.

Your Breathing: Breathe, and breathe out any negative thoughts, open up those lungs. This helps at the end of the race when one's breathe is shallow and short. Try to create a meditative easy rhythm with your breaths.

Last but not least: Remember why you run, why you signed up for your race, and then simply run. I hope these tips help and I would love to know some of your tips if you have your own. Leave a comment so we can chat, share, and motivate each other to keep ...  running. :)