Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Coffee and Photography Stroll ... Annecy, France

I am so excited to announce a "Coffee Tasting and Photography Stroll" I will be putting on for fellow coffee and photo lovers in Annecy, France. I have had this planned for some time now but wanted to wait till the weather and timing were right.

I recently met up with a blogger and photographer visiting Annecy who emailed me directly because of a post I did on Brumes Coffee. We met for coffee, then I took her and her friend on a market tour where we tasted local cheese, I shared what wines to pair their cheese with, and helped them with speaking to the locals in French. We finished with of course, more coffee. I shared that I was planning on doing a coffee and photography tour for other travelers, and she gave me the nudge to do so, saying, I must. For me, this is the reason I love blogging, writing, and sharing.

Why photos and why coffee? These are two of my favorite things and they happen to go hand in hand. Often when visiting a new place it is hard to find the "best" coffee or the secret spots for dreamy photos. Well, after several requests to give small guided tours I decided ... why not share my love for coffee and photos with the community.

 I have photographed professionally for the past 7 years and before coming abroad to France photographed and styled a National Best Seller, "The Seasoned Life" by Ayesha Curry. I have an eye for details, a love for good food and coffee, and photography experience that I want to share with you in a fun, natural, candid setting. What better way than walking through Annecy, France and drinking coffee.

Why Coffee?
As a former Barista and avid coffee drinker, I know what good espresso needs and should to taste like. I also have become a pro at finding cafes that make you want sit, dream, read, talk, and relax. I want to share my tips and tricks for photography while we sip tasty coffee. How to take better iphone and camera photos while out and about, traveling, eating, or adventuring. My goal is to help you create a story with your photos while enjoying the present moment.

The details: Saturday, June 17th 9am -10:30am
Price and what it includes: 19 euros, (Coffee at two locations :) a small practical guide to photography, and an hour and a half walking tour)
Where: Annecy, France (exact location will be emailed once registered)
Languages spoken: stroll will be in English and French
What will we do: We will go to two of my favorite cafes, there we will take photos, enjoy coffee, and afterwards go on a small walk where I will show you some of the sweetest spots Annecy has to offer, perfect spots for photos. I will give you tips and tricks on how to take better photos, and offer suggestions and critiques.
What to bring: Small journal for notes, camera or iphone welcome 
Who should sign up: locals, visitors, coffee lovers, photo lovers, dreamers, travelers

Intention: To find a way to build a community through sharing what we love about coffee and photography

For registering please email me at: coeurdelaphotography@gmail by Wednesday, June 14th


  1. YES! You go girl. Ahhh if I was still here at that time I would join in the fun. :)

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