Monday, June 12, 2017

the "almost" pancake ...

I am a big believer of moderation. While training diet is an essential part to everyday life and goes beyond looking good. What you eat directly is related to how you feel. However, I have found simply avoiding foods ends up making me feel frustrated, annoyed, and as if I am missing out on something. I want my overall nutrition, and workouts, to be more of something I do for the rest of my life rather than something I do just to look good for Summer or a vacation. So, over time I have found recipes that work with my sensitive stomach that are healthy, tasty, and perfect for training.

My race schedule is jam packed so it is imperative I have a breakfast that keeps me full but not feel heavy. Several years ago, I realized I had a small dairy intolerance and that I am sensitive to eating carbs. Now don't get me wrong, if I crave pasta before a big race I eat pasta. But, I do not have carbs in my everyday diet ... I don't need them nor do I really like them at every meal. I grew up having great breakfasts. My dad would make French Toast with peanut butter before schoool. On weekends he would yell from the bottom of the stairs ...."breakfast is ready" ... I can still hear him!! My sister, brother and I loved Saturday morning breakfasts. There was not a dull or quiet moment at our table. We pretty much would argue who would get the next pancake or French toast, while poking fun at each other.  And my mom  .... she makes the best blueberry pancakes. The kind of blueberry pancakes that are perfectly crispy on the outside, light brown, and when you take a bite fresh blueberries burst with summer flavors.

 I happened to have found and adapted a recipe that still gives me the nostalgia of pancakes but with no carbs. I call them my "alsmost pancakes" and they do not disappoint. It does take me one or two pancakes to perfect as I always always make a royal mess out of the first pancake on the grill. These pancakes are perfect while training, on race day, or on a slow Saturday morning. They have three ingredients and are super simple to make. The banana is a great source of potassium, the eggs are a perfect protein, and cinnamon, well I put it in almost everything.

So without further ado ... "the almost pancake"

2 ripe bananas
1 egg
a pinch or two of cinnamon

1. In a small bowl mash your two ripe bananas ... I do so with a fork
2. Mix in your egg and make sure your mixture is well mixed and bananas are well mashed
3. Sprinkle in your pinch or two of cinnamon

4.Use a medium sized pan and put a little bit of coconut oil or I typically use a little bit of butter. It's my way to get just a little bit of dairy and fat. Once your pan is ready pour your batter onto your pan. Let cook about 5-6 minutes. The batter sometimes breaks apart but if you are patient the batter will stay firm. They are definitely not like the consistency of other pancakes but do fill the void in a healthier way for me. Flip your pancake one or two times making sure the center is cooked.

5. Drizzle with maple syrup, honey, or I use agave

6. Pair with a cup of coffee and enjoy

These pancakes again are my go to, my fuel, and keep me full and feeling strong. Wellness and Fitness isn't just about your workouts ... I don't believe there is one solution for everyone. Everyone is different so find what foods work for you, what workouts make you feel alive and vibrant ... and do them.

So in true fashion, Breakfast is Ready!!

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  1. Oooh interesting pancake recipe! I will definitely be trying this out. :)