Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tea in Annecy, Ataya

If you know me than you know how much I love coffee. But, for the first time in my life I have found a tea that I actually like, and love. I am to the moon excited about it and want to share it with everyone.

For 2018, I am working on a project called
documenting people following their passions ... doers, creators, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, chefs, designers, illustrators ...  
people or couples paving their own way. 

As an entrepreneur myself I have found working for yourself to be a wonderful thing but also very challenging at times. I have noticed the feelings of people not taking you seriously because you love what you do, continually justifying yourself to others for your decision to work for yourself, or feeling great when everything is going great are all things we as Doers and Creators feel at some point.

My project is really here to show others just how creative, powerful, and empowering it is to work for yourself.
 I hope this project builds a community of empowered people that know their journey is unique to them, but also can take comfort in knowing someone else is going through the same thing. 

I discovered Ataya tea while on instagram. A friend had recently been and I was so curious to try something new. In California I loved going to tea with my sister but it was only for special occasions. Over the years,  I tend to sip tea in the afternoons at home. I really love coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.  So, I thought "maybe this is a chance to enjoy tea again" and in Annecy.

As soon as I entered Ataya I was met with the warmest and kindest smile. A "bonjour' that just made you feel good. Looking over the menu of teas I found out the creator Jess selected and made each blend of tea. Each tea also has a clever and sentimental name attached to it. For example, Sourire de Jess (the smile of Jess) is a blend that she says takes her back to the moment when she came up with the concept for her shop ... as someone who loves history and stories, and asking the question why, her story made me all together inspired. My tea of choice from Ataya is the Péché Mignon ... meaning a "sweet habit" or literal translation: weakness. Ha and it's so true, this tea is my literal weakness. It's a combination of walnut vanilla, bourbon, and a couple other things of magic.

If you are someone in need of a special moment, a pause, or are visiting Annecy ... I highly recommend visiting Jess at Ataya. If you are curious about tea ... Jess will answer every question with great passion and detail. All of the teas are hand crafted and bio. Before sipping, you have the chance to smell the tea that you choose, and can change your mind numerous times, ha I feel bad as the first time I was there I asked to smell at least 5, and settled on my "weakness" Péché mignon. Another favorite is La Vie en Rose, a green tea with light hints of rose, perfect for an afternoon.

I find it important to support, encourage, and write about small businesses. This is something I discovered since moving abroad. The amount of work you put into your passion, your job, is unreal as a business owner. So, if I can offer some type of motivation and encouragement than as a business owner myself,  than I have done my job. Ataya is inviting, warm, and not just a tea shop ... but a place you will leave feeling better than you arrived.

Every little detail has been thought about from the names of the tea, the pastries that are made in Annecy, and the signature tree that wraps it's branches magically through the shop. When I asked Jess about the tree she explained "it's a symbol of life, an idea, and the ability to cultivate ideas ... grow, change, evolve. 

Whether you have been contemplating starting something new, finishing an old goal, or creating, trying I suggest going for it.

I say this ... because just like tea, if you let an idea steep too long the taste becomes bitter
Ideas are like tea, 
you need to let them grow, cultivate them but if you let them sit for too long, 
you lose something, or just forget about your idea all together.
Maybe this is why I love green tea 
it has a moment to be perfect, a moment when it's at its best ...
Don't let your dreams, ideas, or passions become bitter. 
Do. Create. Dream. 

 I end this post encouraging you that if you get the chance to visit Annecy or are a local here, stop by and visit Jess. 
You will be met with a smile, 
and more importantly a cup of tea that is more than just a cup of tea. 

Have a great weekend everyone!! And, if you are curious about my project "We the Doers and Creators" feel free to email me. I would be happy to create a signature portrait session just for you.

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