Saturday, February 17, 2018

"We the Doers and Creators" Annecy, Paris, and California

As a professional photographer each year I create a passion project. A project that allows me to expand my vision and work. The idea of my passion project came to me as I photographed several women last year. Each time I photographed I was told that my photo sessions ended up being more than about creating photos. The women told me that I helped them see themselves in a new light. That they felt confident, powerful, strong and inspired. As photographer this is how I felt after learning their stories, getting to know them, and after photographing them. I was even told I was a photo therapist, now that was a compliment. For me, I have always loved creating unique, original, thoughtful photo sessions that allow the people I photograph to feel.

 My sole motivation is to make people believe in themselves and the things they are doing and creating. Thus, this is how my 2018 passion project came to be ... WE THE DOERS AND CREATORS. It is of the utmost honor to present to all of you Fanny the creator of DiCY DESIGNS. Fanny is an artist, creator, designer and a powerhouse female. Her talents are limitless. Immediately after meeting Fanny I knew her potential and capabilities to succeed were endless. Now, how would I photograph this?

Before each photo session I will put in hours of brainstorming, trying to create a photo session that allows my subject, to feel at ease. I believe my background in photojournalism and literature has played a huge role in how I photograph. I am always seeking ways to say more with my photos. The story behind them, the story that has yet to be told, I love telling those visually.

So for Fanny I settled on a part of Lac d'Annecy that is at a part of the lake that allows you to look out and feel ... limitless. We picked a morning in December that was quiet, cold, and the snow had just fallen the night before, creating a scene yielding ... discovery, adventure.

This woman is incredible and her designs are pure magic. On our photo session the snow glimmered while we watched the winter lake glisten.  For me, I wanted her photographs to show that she is an artist, creator, and person with a heart made of gold.  I am so honored to photograph her.

"We the Doers and Creators" #wethedoersandcreators is my ongoing photo project in aim to photograph people in locations that bring out the best in you while doing the things you love. I hope that the photos are keepsakes that bring to life creators' passions, work, and stories.  Ultimately, you get photos that are more than just a selfie, photos that show just how unique, original, and authentic you are. If interested in participating, email me at
Send me an email telling me about yourself, what you do, what you create and ... lets go on an adventure. "We the Doers and Creators" is currently in Annecy and Paris France, but will be coming to California and I am happy to travel worldwide.

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