Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Motivation ... We the Doers and Creators

 BELIEVERS ... those people around you that carry the weight so you can be your best self.

There are people around you
 that if you look closely 
are continually motivating everyone 
by their actions.
For my latest "We the Doers and Creators" photo session
 I wanted to share with all of you my coach Emeline from Oski Crossfit. 
 When I first started going to Oski I was intimidated for a lot of reasons: new place, new language, new sport.
 I am naturally an outgoing person but also shy when I am not in my comfort zone. 

Emeline's coaching made Crossfit feel approachable, fun, intriguing, and possible in the right way. She is always there to encourage her athletes, but also there to say,
  Oski Crossfit is completely lucky to have a trainer like her. 
Here presence will make you feel comfortable, and she breaks down skills so they are easy to understand.

Did I mention she is SUPER POSITIVE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, SKILLED. and ENCOURAGING. She is a real DOER. Having an army background she explained to me the importance of having a strong mental game.

Heading into my Ultra Beast I wanted to share Emeline with all of you, because for me, she is one of the strongest, motivational women I know. 

 On days where I have woken up feeling not 100% I know I could see Emeline's instagram story and see her working out, inspiring others, and coaching. 

One of my mantra's I will be saying to myself is: 
It's a Mental Game, Stay Focused, Keep Smiling, and Have Fun  

and this is something she has told me. 
Completely grateful to Oski Crossfit and to Emeline for her continual positive support. 
You are a Doer, a fighter, and a motivator. 
THANK YOU for making others' lives that much brighter. 

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