Monday, August 27, 2018

Le Cottage Bise ... Talloires

Talloires. The only word I have to describe Talloires is ... breathtaking. I remember my first time visiting I felt so small in the best kind of way as mountains and the crystal blue lake of Annecy surrounds the little French town. You get a feeling that time stops here, that everything is right there, that it's possible to live in the moment and be completely present. Now, imagine having that same feeling while eating lunch, or waking up to that feeling. In June, I had the pleasure of eating lunch and getting a tour of Le Cottage Bise from Nicolas Bise. Nicolas and I had been working together for future collaborations and I thought it was so important to share my experience with all of you.

The Cottage has been a family business for decades, and prides themselves on their warm and signature hospitality, and sincerity. This you can absolutely feel while walking around the estate. I love when places allow you to escape, dream, and feel good and this is how you feel at Le Cottage.

Nicolas explained that they want every guest to feel this way. That their customers have been families and couples that return year after year. You absolutely feel this just by how warm the staff are when speaking with them.

Now lunch ... lunch started with a summer salad of tomatoes, herbs from the mountains, and delicious mozzarella. We chatted about good food, pairing it with good wine, and how important it was for the ingredients to be hand chosen and locally sourced.

Everything was thought about but not in that over fussy over done way. The main course was Magret de Carnard served on a sweet potato puree.

 My absolute favorite. For dessert a raspberry macaron with strawberry house made sorbet. The whole meal tasted like summer ... leaving you feeling full but not too full. The kind of full that makes you content, grateful, and ready to read a good book by the lake.

I think when it comes to staying somewhere one of the things I look for is a place where the staff just make you feel at home. And this, is exactly what you can feel at Le Cottage.

So, if you are visiting Talloires I strongly encourage you to pop in, say hello to Nicolas, grab lunch, or stay. You will definitely feel what makes Talloires special ... the people but more importantly how
they treat you and Le Cottage Bise knows this and embraces this.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

An Early Morning in Annecy with ... Jaanok Café

As a former baker I am always inspired by great baked goods and cafes that offer a warm ambiance. I can tell instantly if the person running the show loves what they do. I love authenticity and that is exactly what you will find at Jaanok Cafe. 

 It's a mix of eclectic, vintage decor, meets French sweetness. I was thrilled when Oriane agreed to participate in my "We the Doers and Creators" because she is definitely a creator and a doer. The morning I photographed ... an apple tarte coincidentally came out of the oven with sweet smells of caramelized apples filling the cafe. I sat at the counter watching Oriane take orders, make coffee, and handle a multitude of tasks as all business owners do.

 The light was perfect, and I was mesmerized by the sprinkling of powdered sugar on the apple tarte, magic if you ask me. Whens asking Oriane if she prefered Coffee or Tea here response was: Tea, because she likes the refreshing side of tea. Coffee can sometimes be too strong, but she likes the taste and drinks a type of coffee brew.

Photographing in the morning was a perfect choice Oriane's favorite quote is
" Life belongs to those who wake up early" 
and it's true. 

The morning coffee brewing, the energy to seize the day, there is a sense of wonder that fills the air as if there is a clean slate each and every morning. One of the main reasons I started "We the Doers and Creators" was to encourage the people in my community who are following their passion. When you follow your passion it is not always easy. So, "We the Doers and Creators" is here to remind you to keep going, follow that dream, believe, and work hard.  There are often long hours where perseverance, courage and resilience are needed to succeed.  

And, even though it is not easy it is so worth it. I am so honored to photograph Oriane from Jaanok Café her talents are endless and smile contagious. If you are in Annecy I strongly encourage you to pop in and grab a baked good, a meal, or coffee. You will find a place that is inviting, warm, and a place that feels just like home.