Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Annecy France Proposal Photography

Photographing Proposals is one of the things I love about working as a photographer. The planning that goes into it, the professionalism, and the ability to photograph calmly and sincerely while witnessing an incredible life event is necessary. I must say, I love the pressure and loving the pressure comes from years of professional photography experience. Being able to think quickly if a location needs to be changed because of weather, photograph discretely, and capture a moment that will last forever is why I love photographing proposals, and in French ... Demande en Mariage.

Recently, I photographed an Annecy proposal that ended at a local coffee shop. I was so excited when Edgar contacted me about photographing his proposal. I offered some tips on locations, times, and then added a few extra surprises for the couple as I knew champagne was a must, and as they both love coffee, coffee was obligatory.

The day of the proposal weather was perfect, as often the end of October can be in Annecy. The location was Ponts des Amours and when Edgar dropped to his knee I must say the pure surprise and happiness in Paulina's eyes was all I needed for my eyes to start watering. Proposals are full of emotion, excitement and pure sincerity. It's one of the reasons that I love photographing them. Photos are in the moment, and authentic.

After the "I DO" I gave Edgar and Paulina a moment to themselves. A moment where they could take in Annecy, celebrate, and just be present together.

We photographed in several spots in Annecy that I knew would be perfect for timeless and sweet photos. Both Edgar and Paulina had not visited before, so I thought it would be special to take them on a little walking tour through the city.

Paulina and Edgar glowed with happiness, making others smile too as they congratulated the newly engaged couple.

 Edgar mentioned that they loved coffee so I organized with Brumes Coffee to chill a bottle of champagne as a surprise gift to celebrate the moment. Edgar and Paulina ordered cappucinnos and I took a last couple of photos while they waited.

Once cappuccinos arrived I said goodbye, and wished them a big congratulations. Leaving the proposal I could not help but feel very grateful that I can photograph moments like these.

Photographing proposals is something that involves so much love. The highest compliment is that you the photographer end up being a part of a couple's story, and that is priceless.

SO I am thrilled to say I am booking creative, adventurous, heartfelt proposals in Annecy, Paris, and Geneva. All locations in between, and worldwide for 2019. Continually booking, lets work together.

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