Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Annecy Photographer ... Tips for great Family Photos from a Photographer

It's that time of year that makes you want to capture every moment. That feeling that makes us want to savor in the last bits of the year. One of the ways I always suggest to do this is with a photo session, but not your typical posed, perfect moment photo session but a photo session that is authentically genuine and true to your family. What does that mean: a photo session that allows your kids to be kids, and you, you.

I often tell my families and couples that I photograph to be themselves.  When thinking about photos to definitely not try and recreate a perfect copy of a Pinterest photo they saw. Sometimes it is great to get inspiration, but who wants photos that are carbon copies, often you will find yourself underwhelmed with the result when trying to copy every detail of this "said" perfect photo.
So, I thought I would share with you tips for great family or couples photos.

First, find a photographer that fits your vision. Each photographer has a different eye, perspective, and number one important factor is their personality. Do they love kids, people, are they able to organize a group, and put you and your loved ones at ease? If they are awkward, I am sure you will fill it, and that shows in photos.

Photographs should be moments, moments where you forget there is someone photographing you and your family. 

Second, let your kids be kids, and you be you. A traditional posed photo into the camera is great, and perfect for framing, but if you want to have a photo that transcends a wall portrait let your kids run, play, and be themselves in photos. After close to a decade of photographing the photos I have found that stand through time, are the candid journalistic moments.

The moments that were not posed, and would be difficult to recreate, because if you tried you are missing the magic of that specific moment. 

Third, have fun, and dress for comfort but dress up. This being said, if you want photo in the mountains, and you and your family are more relaxed dress true to you guys. If you are a couple and want to dress up, dress up. Be stylish, be original, be you. Dress for the weather, or be prepared and bring an extra pair of shoes, a jacket, or scarf if it is cold. If you have a simple style then dress like yourselves,  
in the end what is important is capturing and documenting your moment.  

Fourth, let go, and really be present. A good photographer will help you be present, encourage you to take in the moment with your family. It's your time to really share and celebrate your tribe, your group of people that you love with all your heart.  

Photos are your souvenirs reminding you of the people that get to see you in all kinds of moments year after year, celebrate this each and every day. 

Let go of the idea of perfection, that perfect photo because it's life's little imperfections that make things original, unique, and authentic just like the people in your life. 
Live in the moment, breathe in that air, and love the ones around you fiercely. 


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