Monday, April 29, 2019

Annecy France Lifestyle Photographer

The most common question I get asked is: What do you photograph? For me it's often challenging to explain all the categories but, if I had to try the best way to describe it would be Lifestyle photography.

Lifestyle photography for me means 
creating photos that first and foremost tell a story. 
 Second capturing photos that are not heavily posed or heavily edited. 
photographing photos that can stand alone evoking a feeling,
 a sense of wonder, 
and give you  

 Lifestyle Photography can be applied to my work in  
Wedding Photography, Food Photography, Family and Couples Photography.  

Everything in between falls into lifestyle, whether it is a brand seeking photos that brings their yoga bag to life,

a creator or designer wanting their work showcased and photographed in a way that touches their clientele

The goal for all of these photos are to tell a personal story that reaches your audience.
If my work does not tell a story, your story, than it will be as if I was taking photos and just "clicking" so there has to be SOMETHING MORE.

Imagine you are a coach or athlete needing photos to inspire your community or document your fitness story.  Being an avid trail runner and obstacle racer photographing sports comes naturally for me.

To the new readers on here, or if you are searching for photographer in Annecy, Geneva or Paris here is how I approach photography.

I am Caroline a professional photographer, content creator, and digital storyteller.
When you a hire a photographer you are hiring someone to bring "your story" to life visually. Living in France and coming from California I feel that this fact alone has brought out the best in my photography work.  I am able to see things differently and carry an open mind to the people and places I photograph. I love working with creators, designers, and entrepreneurs. My ultimate goal is bring your creativity and passion to life.

The ability to communicate with others in a way that is open minded, thoughtful and personable shows in my work. I pay attention to light, small details, and constantly strive to create work that is original.  I am creating photos that express something more than just the product. Photos that are filled with personality, expression and creativity.

My life and my experiences, shape my photos. A background in art and photojournalism I highly believe there needs to be an ongoing theme in a photo session. The pivotal question I ask is:

What is the Story that you want to Tell. Then, I tell that story for you. My camera is paintbrush that I use to create. Lets work together.
Continually Booking Lifestyle Sessions for 2019 and 2020

Lets bring your work to Life

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