Friday, May 3, 2019

Proposal Photographer in Annecy, Geneva, and Paris

Photographing proposals, elopements, and renewal of vows are some of my favorites. I love the details that go in to planning them, and not just any details. Details that make each time I photograph a session personable, sincere, and as original to each couple. No couple is the same so no session can be the same, something that I love. Scouting the location, making sure it fits each couple, adding elements of sweet details and throwing in a surprise or two for the couple to remember makes me love my job. I always feel honored when asked to photograph, because it's a huge creative responsibility. The best kind of responsibility if you ask me.

Living and Photographing in Annecy I feel grateful to have a backdrop that is gorgeous in every season. I had been waiting for a moment to photograph a snow capped mountain session, and literally could visualize it. I feel each year as a photographer I get more and more creative wanting to photograph in an array of settings and seasons. Of course I could have done a styled shoot, but I had a feeling if I held out a little longer I would get a request to create a snowy portrait session.

 When Nikki and John emailed saying they were visiting Annecy from California and wanted to renew their wedding vows, I knew immediately this would be an unforgettable photo session. We planned the Renewal of Vows Portraits on the Pont des Amours. The day of our photos timing was key, as I knew there was a window of good weather between the snowy storm that was all that was spoken about. This is one thing I will tell customers is a huge strong point of me living in Annecy, is that someone living outside the city, driving in, does not know the ins and outs of the city, or the key moments and places to photograph if the weather changes drastically.

 So, as the snow fell all morning I knew Pont des Amours would be magical. Contrary to what some may believe cloud coverage and snow capped mountains gives everything an incredible feel when it comes to light, yielding photos that are soft, dreamy, and allow for the couple to stand out along with the setting. Even photographing when the snow is falling lightly is a job for a skilled photographer. I had not one worry, as the snow fell softly the day of our session.

 My goal was to create a photo session that was personable, thoughtful and fun for Nikki in John. Being on vacation I wanted to give them photos that would be souvenirs for a lifetime. Photos that really capture the beauty of Annecy in a timeless way. Photos that will always remind them of a romantic and heartfelt moment.
If you are planning a proposal, elopement, or renewal my suggestion is to find a photographer that really knows their area. For proposals, a photographer that has planned proposals before is key, as there are always things that may arise that you the client does not need to worry about. Your photographer is your shield, and will anticipate things like weather, a busy location, and will ultimately put any nerves at ease.

 I am continually photographing off the beaten path proposals, is it a mountain top or lakeside proposal you imagine? I would love to be there to capture every minute. My style is candid and journalistic so you will barely know I am there. Planning an elopement or renewal I would love to help you create a photo session that will allow you to remember a moment for the rest of your life.

Always here tell your story in a way that is signature to you.
Available in Annecy, Geneva and Paris. All other destinations just ask as I love to travel.