Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Vacation Photographer in Annecy

One of the things I love most about working as a Professional Photographer and Content Creator is that I get the opportunity to meet some incredible people. Photographing couples and families who are visiting Annecy is what I am a pro at. The ability to connect with a couple or family within minutes, make them feel comfortable and at ease is my main objective. Yana and Shawn were visiting from Australia when they signed up for a photography and coffee tour I host. After we spent the morning where I taught them about the tricks and the trade for better photos, discussed different espresso flavors, we walked though the city for a mini lifestyle photo session. This session is perfect for the traveler, adventurer, couple or family who want to capture and remember their time in Annecy.

Walking through the city, pointing out the best spots for a drink, an ice cream, or explaining a bit of the history of the canals allowed for the photos in our session to have a sense of wanderlust. You can feel just how excited Shawn and Yana were to be visiting Annecy. The airbnb they were staying at allowed us to have access to the canal creating photos in a spot that would be any travelers dream.

They admired the views of Annecy and I encouraged them to take as many photos as well.  Play Tourist and play it well. Enjoy everything.
 One of the most important things to remember when you are a vacation photographer is allowing the people you photographe to enjoy themselves. Your photos can't be too posed. There is a flow and genuine connection you need to have with the families and couples you photograph. Traveling is about being present.

And giving the people you photograph moments alone allows for sweet and sincere moments to unfold.

Giving them a moment to enjoy their ice cream because that is what traveling is all about. 
Also taking that photo that everyone takes is a necessary souvenir :)

 Then showing them a spot where you say: until we meet again.
 Thank them for being incredibly fun to photograph, and stay in touch as you helped them create a memory.

Yana and Shawn were the sweetest and I still keep in touch with the both of them. If you are in Annecy visiting, planning a trip, I would be happy to create a Vacation Photo Session that fits you and the ones you love. And if you live in Annecy I will help you play tourist, adventure, and give you a bit of wanderlust. 
Lets create some souvenirs. 
Continually booking photo sessions for families, couples, creatives, and individuals in Annecy. 
Don't be shy send an email to: coeurdelaphotography@gmail.com