Food Adventures

I love adventuring to anywhere and everywhere for good food. 
 Finding the perfect cappuccino is my idea of fun
 discovering restaurants that few have heard of makes my heart skip a beat. 
  I will try anything and go anywhere for a good meal.
My food adventures give me the inspiration I need
 when it comes to whipping up a tasty meal in my kitchen.
  So, without further ado,
 here are a list of my favorite places,
 honest to goodness must stops.

Taylor's Refresher now known as Gotts
order the Ahi Tuna Burger with a Mint Chocolate Chip Shake
Oxbow Market- 
grab coffee at Ritual Coffee Roasters and enjoy oysters at Hog Island
Rutherford Grill
order the Deviled Eggs, Lemonade, Ahi Tuna Salad and for dessert
the oreo cookie sundae ... out of this world good

San Francisco
serving Four Barrel Coffee and the best bread
their chocolate pudding is one of my favorites
Four Barrel Coffee Roasters
order a cappuccino or a shot of espresso
Blue Bottle Coffee I love the booth at the ferry plaza farmers' market
order a cappuccino, pour over or a hot chocolate while you shop for local produce
Miette in Hayes Valley
order a rose macaron and stock up on their caramels
Burma Superstar
enjoy a burma cooler and the rainbow salad is so refreshing
Hooker's Sweet Treats
order a cappuccino and the chocolate salted caramels
sip on the ginger apple cider while enjoying their dutch pancakes
and grab caramels for the ride home

Santa Cruz
Verve on Pacific Avenue
get a gibraltar it's on the secret menu (best espresso drink)
Cafe Delmarette
serves Verve espresso must order: their strawberry scone
The Penny Ice Creamery
any of their seasonal sorbets
The Buttery
their carrot cake cupcake and croque monsieur melt in your mouth good
River Cafe
love their seasonal menu and they serve Verve espresso

Berkeley and Oakland
Rick and Ann's
my favorite breakfast spot order the beet hash or Doc's delight
Summer Kitchen
order any of their sandwiches and grab a cupcake for dessert
any flavor of ice cream will taste amazing
try their pizzas and wash it down with their kombucha on tap
Bakesale Betty
two words: chicken sandwich
Little Star Pizza on Solano Avenue in Albany
love their thin crust pizza
Brown Sugar Kitchen
try the fried chicken and waffles ... oh boy
Blue Bottle
order a gibraltar and admire the location ... I love sitting outside
delicious Mac&Cheese of all flavors

Portland Oregon
The Sugar Cube
any of Kir's desserts are amazing but you must get a fizzy lifting drink
order the Lardo fries and Pork Meatball Banh Mi
Ruby Jewel
order any of their flavors
Kenny and Zukes
order the reuben sandwich with a raspberry hot lips soda
Clyde Common
love their appetizer menu
Le Happy
love their cocktails and crepes
Dove Vivi
order the chef's choice pizza nothing beats a cornmeal crust
Coava Coffee
order my espresso drink of choice ... a cappuccino
Pine State Biscuits
Biscuits and Gravy ... yes please
 Screen Door
the best fried chicken and waffles oh my

more places to come ...