Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Vacation Photographer in Annecy

One of the things I love most about working as a Professional Photographer and Content Creator is that I get the opportunity to meet some incredible people. Photographing couples and families who are visiting Annecy is what I am a pro at. The ability to connect with a couple or family within minutes, make them feel comfortable and at ease is my main objective. Yana and Shawn were visiting from Australia when they signed up for a photography and coffee tour I host. After we spent the morning where I taught them about the tricks and the trade for better photos, discussed different espresso flavors, we walked though the city for a mini lifestyle photo session. This session is perfect for the traveler, adventurer, couple or family who want to capture and remember their time in Annecy.

Walking through the city, pointing out the best spots for a drink, an ice cream, or explaining a bit of the history of the canals allowed for the photos in our session to have a sense of wanderlust. You can feel just how excited Shawn and Yana were to be visiting Annecy. The airbnb they were staying at allowed us to have access to the canal creating photos in a spot that would be any travelers dream.

They admired the views of Annecy and I encouraged them to take as many photos as well.  Play Tourist and play it well. Enjoy everything.
 One of the most important things to remember when you are a vacation photographer is allowing the people you photographe to enjoy themselves. Your photos can't be too posed. There is a flow and genuine connection you need to have with the families and couples you photograph. Traveling is about being present.

And giving the people you photograph moments alone allows for sweet and sincere moments to unfold.

Giving them a moment to enjoy their ice cream because that is what traveling is all about. 
Also taking that photo that everyone takes is a necessary souvenir :)

 Then showing them a spot where you say: until we meet again.
 Thank them for being incredibly fun to photograph, and stay in touch as you helped them create a memory.

Yana and Shawn were the sweetest and I still keep in touch with the both of them. If you are in Annecy visiting, planning a trip, I would be happy to create a Vacation Photo Session that fits you and the ones you love. And if you live in Annecy I will help you play tourist, adventure, and give you a bit of wanderlust. 
Lets create some souvenirs. 
Continually booking photo sessions for families, couples, creatives, and individuals in Annecy. 
Don't be shy send an email to: coeurdelaphotography@gmail.com

Friday, May 3, 2019

Proposal Photographer in Annecy, Geneva, and Paris

Photographing proposals, elopements, and renewal of vows are some of my favorites. I love the details that go in to planning them, and not just any details. Details that make each time I photograph a session personable, sincere, and as original to each couple. No couple is the same so no session can be the same, something that I love. Scouting the location, making sure it fits each couple, adding elements of sweet details and throwing in a surprise or two for the couple to remember makes me love my job. I always feel honored when asked to photograph, because it's a huge creative responsibility. The best kind of responsibility if you ask me.

Living and Photographing in Annecy I feel grateful to have a backdrop that is gorgeous in every season. I had been waiting for a moment to photograph a snow capped mountain session, and literally could visualize it. I feel each year as a photographer I get more and more creative wanting to photograph in an array of settings and seasons. Of course I could have done a styled shoot, but I had a feeling if I held out a little longer I would get a request to create a snowy portrait session.

 When Nikki and John emailed saying they were visiting Annecy from California and wanted to renew their wedding vows, I knew immediately this would be an unforgettable photo session. We planned the Renewal of Vows Portraits on the Pont des Amours. The day of our photos timing was key, as I knew there was a window of good weather between the snowy storm that was all that was spoken about. This is one thing I will tell customers is a huge strong point of me living in Annecy, is that someone living outside the city, driving in, does not know the ins and outs of the city, or the key moments and places to photograph if the weather changes drastically.

 So, as the snow fell all morning I knew Pont des Amours would be magical. Contrary to what some may believe cloud coverage and snow capped mountains gives everything an incredible feel when it comes to light, yielding photos that are soft, dreamy, and allow for the couple to stand out along with the setting. Even photographing when the snow is falling lightly is a job for a skilled photographer. I had not one worry, as the snow fell softly the day of our session.

 My goal was to create a photo session that was personable, thoughtful and fun for Nikki in John. Being on vacation I wanted to give them photos that would be souvenirs for a lifetime. Photos that really capture the beauty of Annecy in a timeless way. Photos that will always remind them of a romantic and heartfelt moment.
If you are planning a proposal, elopement, or renewal my suggestion is to find a photographer that really knows their area. For proposals, a photographer that has planned proposals before is key, as there are always things that may arise that you the client does not need to worry about. Your photographer is your shield, and will anticipate things like weather, a busy location, and will ultimately put any nerves at ease.

 I am continually photographing off the beaten path proposals, is it a mountain top or lakeside proposal you imagine? I would love to be there to capture every minute. My style is candid and journalistic so you will barely know I am there. Planning an elopement or renewal I would love to help you create a photo session that will allow you to remember a moment for the rest of your life.

Always here tell your story in a way that is signature to you.
Available in Annecy, Geneva and Paris. All other destinations just ask as I love to travel.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Annecy France Lifestyle Photographer

The most common question I get asked is: What do you photograph? For me it's often challenging to explain all the categories but, if I had to try the best way to describe it would be Lifestyle photography.

Lifestyle photography for me means 
creating photos that first and foremost tell a story. 
 Second capturing photos that are not heavily posed or heavily edited. 
photographing photos that can stand alone evoking a feeling,
 a sense of wonder, 
and give you  

 Lifestyle Photography can be applied to my work in  
Wedding Photography, Food Photography, Family and Couples Photography.  

Everything in between falls into lifestyle, whether it is a brand seeking photos that brings their yoga bag to life,

a creator or designer wanting their work showcased and photographed in a way that touches their clientele

The goal for all of these photos are to tell a personal story that reaches your audience.
If my work does not tell a story, your story, than it will be as if I was taking photos and just "clicking" so there has to be SOMETHING MORE.

Imagine you are a coach or athlete needing photos to inspire your community or document your fitness story.  Being an avid trail runner and obstacle racer photographing sports comes naturally for me.

To the new readers on here, or if you are searching for photographer in Annecy, Geneva or Paris here is how I approach photography.

I am Caroline a professional photographer, content creator, and digital storyteller.
When you a hire a photographer you are hiring someone to bring "your story" to life visually. Living in France and coming from California I feel that this fact alone has brought out the best in my photography work.  I am able to see things differently and carry an open mind to the people and places I photograph. I love working with creators, designers, and entrepreneurs. My ultimate goal is bring your creativity and passion to life.

The ability to communicate with others in a way that is open minded, thoughtful and personable shows in my work. I pay attention to light, small details, and constantly strive to create work that is original.  I am creating photos that express something more than just the product. Photos that are filled with personality, expression and creativity.

My life and my experiences, shape my photos. A background in art and photojournalism I highly believe there needs to be an ongoing theme in a photo session. The pivotal question I ask is:

What is the Story that you want to Tell. Then, I tell that story for you. My camera is paintbrush that I use to create. Lets work together.
Continually Booking Lifestyle Sessions for 2019 and 2020

Lets bring your work to Life

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Annecy France Proposal Photography

Photographing Proposals is one of the things I love about working as a photographer. The planning that goes into it, the professionalism, and the ability to photograph calmly and sincerely while witnessing an incredible life event is necessary. I must say, I love the pressure and loving the pressure comes from years of professional photography experience. Being able to think quickly if a location needs to be changed because of weather, photograph discretely, and capture a moment that will last forever is why I love photographing proposals, and in French ... Demande en Mariage.

Recently, I photographed an Annecy proposal that ended at a local coffee shop. I was so excited when Edgar contacted me about photographing his proposal. I offered some tips on locations, times, and then added a few extra surprises for the couple as I knew champagne was a must, and as they both love coffee, coffee was obligatory.

The day of the proposal weather was perfect, as often the end of October can be in Annecy. The location was Ponts des Amours and when Edgar dropped to his knee I must say the pure surprise and happiness in Paulina's eyes was all I needed for my eyes to start watering. Proposals are full of emotion, excitement and pure sincerity. It's one of the reasons that I love photographing them. Photos are in the moment, and authentic.

After the "I DO" I gave Edgar and Paulina a moment to themselves. A moment where they could take in Annecy, celebrate, and just be present together.

We photographed in several spots in Annecy that I knew would be perfect for timeless and sweet photos. Both Edgar and Paulina had not visited before, so I thought it would be special to take them on a little walking tour through the city.

Paulina and Edgar glowed with happiness, making others smile too as they congratulated the newly engaged couple.

 Edgar mentioned that they loved coffee so I organized with Brumes Coffee to chill a bottle of champagne as a surprise gift to celebrate the moment. Edgar and Paulina ordered cappucinnos and I took a last couple of photos while they waited.

Once cappuccinos arrived I said goodbye, and wished them a big congratulations. Leaving the proposal I could not help but feel very grateful that I can photograph moments like these.

Photographing proposals is something that involves so much love. The highest compliment is that you the photographer end up being a part of a couple's story, and that is priceless.

SO I am thrilled to say I am booking creative, adventurous, heartfelt proposals in Annecy, Paris, and Geneva. All locations in between, and worldwide for 2019. Continually booking, lets work together.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Annecy Photographer ... Tips for great Family Photos from a Photographer

It's that time of year that makes you want to capture every moment. That feeling that makes us want to savor in the last bits of the year. One of the ways I always suggest to do this is with a photo session, but not your typical posed, perfect moment photo session but a photo session that is authentically genuine and true to your family. What does that mean: a photo session that allows your kids to be kids, and you, you.

I often tell my families and couples that I photograph to be themselves.  When thinking about photos to definitely not try and recreate a perfect copy of a Pinterest photo they saw. Sometimes it is great to get inspiration, but who wants photos that are carbon copies, often you will find yourself underwhelmed with the result when trying to copy every detail of this "said" perfect photo.
So, I thought I would share with you tips for great family or couples photos.

First, find a photographer that fits your vision. Each photographer has a different eye, perspective, and number one important factor is their personality. Do they love kids, people, are they able to organize a group, and put you and your loved ones at ease? If they are awkward, I am sure you will fill it, and that shows in photos.

Photographs should be moments, moments where you forget there is someone photographing you and your family. 

Second, let your kids be kids, and you be you. A traditional posed photo into the camera is great, and perfect for framing, but if you want to have a photo that transcends a wall portrait let your kids run, play, and be themselves in photos. After close to a decade of photographing the photos I have found that stand through time, are the candid journalistic moments.

The moments that were not posed, and would be difficult to recreate, because if you tried you are missing the magic of that specific moment. 

Third, have fun, and dress for comfort but dress up. This being said, if you want photo in the mountains, and you and your family are more relaxed dress true to you guys. If you are a couple and want to dress up, dress up. Be stylish, be original, be you. Dress for the weather, or be prepared and bring an extra pair of shoes, a jacket, or scarf if it is cold. If you have a simple style then dress like yourselves,  
in the end what is important is capturing and documenting your moment.  

Fourth, let go, and really be present. A good photographer will help you be present, encourage you to take in the moment with your family. It's your time to really share and celebrate your tribe, your group of people that you love with all your heart.  

Photos are your souvenirs reminding you of the people that get to see you in all kinds of moments year after year, celebrate this each and every day. 

Let go of the idea of perfection, that perfect photo because it's life's little imperfections that make things original, unique, and authentic just like the people in your life. 
Live in the moment, breathe in that air, and love the ones around you fiercely. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Le Cottage Bise ... Talloires

Talloires. The only word I have to describe Talloires is ... breathtaking. I remember my first time visiting I felt so small in the best kind of way as mountains and the crystal blue lake of Annecy surrounds the little French town. You get a feeling that time stops here, that everything is right there, that it's possible to live in the moment and be completely present. Now, imagine having that same feeling while eating lunch, or waking up to that feeling. In June, I had the pleasure of eating lunch and getting a tour of Le Cottage Bise from Nicolas Bise. Nicolas and I had been working together for future collaborations and I thought it was so important to share my experience with all of you.

The Cottage has been a family business for decades, and prides themselves on their warm and signature hospitality, and sincerity. This you can absolutely feel while walking around the estate. I love when places allow you to escape, dream, and feel good and this is how you feel at Le Cottage.

Nicolas explained that they want every guest to feel this way. That their customers have been families and couples that return year after year. You absolutely feel this just by how warm the staff are when speaking with them.

Now lunch ... lunch started with a summer salad of tomatoes, herbs from the mountains, and delicious mozzarella. We chatted about good food, pairing it with good wine, and how important it was for the ingredients to be hand chosen and locally sourced.

Everything was thought about but not in that over fussy over done way. The main course was Magret de Carnard served on a sweet potato puree.

 My absolute favorite. For dessert a raspberry macaron with strawberry house made sorbet. The whole meal tasted like summer ... leaving you feeling full but not too full. The kind of full that makes you content, grateful, and ready to read a good book by the lake.

I think when it comes to staying somewhere one of the things I look for is a place where the staff just make you feel at home. And this, is exactly what you can feel at Le Cottage.

So, if you are visiting Talloires I strongly encourage you to pop in, say hello to Nicolas, grab lunch, or stay. You will definitely feel what makes Talloires special ... the people but more importantly how
they treat you and Le Cottage Bise knows this and embraces this.