Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the art of coffee

the art of coffee
simple and soft
all of the pieces
all of the little details
a perfectly poured latte
espresso in a martini glass
a good night

After visiting Portland I have made it my mission
to find good coffee in my area.
I was so inspired by the coffee in Portland
that my standards for a good cup of jo have changed
in a good way.
I now make coffee outings only once or twice a week
and drink tea the rest of the week
this way it is a real treat when I enjoy a latte, capuccinno or a shot of espresso.
Last week,
Marc and I made a visit to one of my favorite spots along the Peninsula
The café has European charm and the espresso will knock your socks off.
At Caffe del Doge
I sat at the counter mesmerized with the barista's coffee art skills.
I think he could tell I was mesmerized
as he made two extra drinks just so I could take photos.
Don't worry, the extra cappuccino and chocolate espresso did not go to waste
as Marc and I enjoyed them on top of our drinks.
(good thing we had spared our coffee intake that week).
We left Caffe del Doge smitten!!
I love that even if you aren't a coffee drinker
can still be admired.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I can't drink coffee, but there's nothing more beautiful or that smells more delicious! The next time you guys are in the city, I highly recommend Trouble Coffee in the outer Sunset-it's far from nearly everything else, but the espresso is meticulous.

  2. I so need to learn how to do this. Everytime I see pretty coffee I want make one and I am sure it tastes even better =)

  3. I tried making "latte art" and it was a disaster! I'll leave it to the pros! :)

  4. Beautiful...delicious looking coffee! I have got to find me a place like that!

  5. Wow- that's impressive! I love my coffee, and can definitely appreciate the talent there!

  6. It really is an art form. Fantastic photos!

  7. i love when baristas take pride in the drinks they're making...a beautiful latte truly is a piece of art!

  8. ok yum. that all looks delicious! i wish my morning baristas would make my latte like that.

  9. oh my goodness, truly amazing. I adore fabulous coffee, it's such an art. And coffee in a martini glass? Sold, looks fantastic. xx veronika

  10. Ah I so appreciate this Caroline. I just wish I could have a taste. So these days Aneesh and I are into espresso martini's and we have perfected our recipe! I even went and bought 6 new martini glasses yesterday.

  11. These are so pretty, I wouldn't even want to take a sip!!

  12. I love coffee - whether it be iced, cappucino, latte, whatever - yummy, sophisticated and pretty all in one.

  13. I'm always envious of the amazing coffee you drink!

  14. next time i visit we must go here! this looks amazing! miss you tons and tons my beautiful friend :).


  15. mmmm, you make coffee sound so romantic! I too am smitten with the idea of a perfect cup of coffee, a cosey little cafe, the entire coffee experience, not just running in to the nearest chain for a drink in a paper cup!

  16. I gave up coffee for lent, this post is making me weak in the knees!

  17. beautiful photos...the creation of patterns on top of coffee always fascinated me.


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