Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jam On

learning from Rachel

making our jam

so many jars

filling our jars

making jam on my own


over the stove


apricot jam

taste testing

the new and improved pear vanilla jam

Jam On!

After taking The Blue Chair Jamming Class I came back incredibly inspired. I asked Rachel to critique my jam and give me her honest oppinion as to what she thought ... she said: peel your pears, less vanilla bean, and cook for longer. So what did I do? I listened to her comments and made a new and improved pear vanilla jam. I mentioned in my last post that at my graduation party I had a jam tasting table with fresh homemade sourdough bread ... well ... I spent all last week making jam. I made a pear vanilla jam, a strawberry rhubarb, and a first ... an apricot jam. I must say that the apricot jam was the most time consuming but the results were pure jam bliss. The first jam to go at the party was the apricot and the combination of fresh bread, a dab of butter, and apricot jam on fresh bread is pretty much perfection. For those of you who have been considering jamming for the first time or going back for another attempt at jam making I say ... JAM ON! Summer is here and I foresee a lot more jamming days.

10 Jam Making Tips
1. Do find a tried and true recipe
2. USE FRESH FRUIT ... meaning ... when you buy, pick, or forage your fruit use it as soon as you can
3. experiment ... at the jam class I was inspired to create my own template for jam always keeping in mind the ratio of lemon juice to fruit
4. Taste as you go
5. the spoon test never fails
6. use a scale ... I learned recently as my first batch of apricot jam only yielded 4 jars ... all that work for 4 jars!! Believe me a scale was purchased shortly after
7. be precise ... this helps to get great jam results
8. "put up" your Summer fruit now so you can enjoy strawberries in Winter
9.  less is more ... going from two vanilla beans to one vanilla bean really allowed the fruit to be showcased ... in my new batch of pear vanilla jam the pears were not over powered by vanilla bean
10. Do take a class ... even though I jammed before The Blue Chair Jam Class gave me so much inspiration and encouraged me to take my jam to the next level ... the class was just what I needed.

right now: making a french toast casserole a la Paula Deen
feeling: loving
reading: the latest issue of Bon Appétit
saving for: my trip to France
practicing: my French ... I am a bit rusty
deciding: where and what to do this Summer
snacking on: dried apricots


  1. Ahhh, this all looks so lovely, and I love the labels as well! mmm! xxxxx

  2. These pictures are amazing! Pear vanilla? Yum! You've definitely got me inspired.

  3. i love dried apricots! and ive never heard of pear vanilla jam. that sounds so delicious!!!! xxxx

  4. All that jam looks heavenly! I feel like pretty soon, we're going to see you publish a cookbook on the art of making jam!

  5. Delicieux! My mom makes apricot, raspberry, and pineapple jam every summer. she made so much last year that we're still enjoying last year's pineapple jam! thanks for reminding me of one of the greatest parts of summer: jamming :)

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  6. such great tips. you're a star! xo

  7. That jam looks incredible. I should definitely try this sometime.

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  8. I love, love homemade jam and these look amazing + the photos are SO beautiful. Hope you're having a fab Wednesday! xx veronika

  9. How cool! That looks incredible... and you've totally made me want to try it myself :) Hope you're having a great week! xoxo

  10. Pear vanilla sounds fantastic. If only I had the kitchen motivation you have...

  11. mmm. mmm. mmm! my mom always makes her own's about time i learned how to do it myself :)

  12. amazing! i really want to learn to do this. it looks so delectable.

  13. Oh my goodness, you were in jam HEAVEN! It's official, I need to get my tush into a jam class this summer!

  14. LIndo e delicioso! Adoro geléias e são tão bonitas em vidros transparentes que podem ser usadas para presentear e decorar a mesa.

  15. Can't wait to jam with you tomorrow! Bisous ;)

  16. this looks so fun!! yummy :)

  17. oh my word, i just found your blog from fabienne's and i have to say i'm already smitten! love this. xo mackenzie

  18. yum, yum, yum! i just bought some of her jams the other day!


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