Thursday, December 15, 2011

how do you ... fondue?

For me ... when I think of holiday traditions fondue comes immediately to mind. Usually, in the month of December we enjoy fondue at least three times. Each time, we patiently grate the cheese, drink wine as we stir, and anxiously await a dinner that involves two of my favorites .... cheese and bread. One of my first nights on the family farm in France I was served fondue and I can still remember it like yesterday. Fondue for Marc and I is more than just a fad that came and went in the 70's ... it is a tradition that we share with our close friends and family. So, it is only natural that when I think of my favorite holiday meal that fondue is the only thing that comes to mind. After a hectic couple of weeks, tonight I am looking forward to a meal with friends that involves fondue. Happy Thursday and Bisous!

our fondue pot: a gift from our family in France for our wedding
another fondue pot: I bought Marc a fondue pot one Christmas before we were married ... that pot is now in the hands of one of our closest friends
do not: drink water with fondue ... believe it or not in France I was told it will give you a stomach ache so of course the only thing to drink is naturally ... wine
do: fondue!


  1. I got a fondue pot from my best friend for my wedding years ago and maybe used it 1 or 2 times...but I should use it more..fondue is fun..especially chocolate fondue! I will remember to forgo the water too :)

  2. Hello Caroline!!
    Remember way back when, while we made pear-vanilla jam, you told me about what sort of lens you like best for taking pictures of food? I'm getting a new camera body today (mine died from an overdose of sand in the Sahara), and I wanted to get a new lens at the same time...
    Everything is looking delicious as usual!! Happy Friday!
    xoxo Chloe

  3. i love fondue! i think it's the perfect party food. it's communal and conversational and oh so tasty!

  4. That is so funny that you are not supposed to drink water with fondue. I had never heard that and I pretty much drink water with every meal. Oops!

  5. i looove fondue too, it's so much fun and such a satisfying meal. i've been to the melting pot twice, which was my introduction to fondue, and later got cheese fondue at a couple of restaurants. i would love to have my own set-up at home though - love the idea of having it with wine!

  6. When I was a child (10 yrs old) my parents decided to try and make cheese fondue. I still remember dipping the bread into the hot gooey cheese and giggling. After lots of giggling from my brother and I, my parents realized they might of added too much wine/liquor to the fondue since their 2 kids seemed to be slightly buzzed :)

  7. I loved reading all of these fondue memories ... it truly is such a special meal. Bisous.

  8. how delightful. this sounds like the best tradition. loveee it.


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