Thursday, December 13, 2012

how to ... do it yourself holiday photos


It is that time of year when there is a pressure to get in a holiday photo session. Being a photographer, I too feel the pressure. But, as Christmas comes speeding around the corner finding a good photographer might be tricky. So my friends, I want to inspire you to take your own. Even if you do not print out your photos for cards they will make great gifts or frame worthy photos for your home. Here are some of my tips for great do it yourself holiday photos.

1. Do not match in that awkward lets all wear black and white kind of way. Wear similar patterns but have fun with it. I always encourage clients to wear colors that are opposite but throw in a scarf or sweater that will tie all the colors together. Marc and I settled on greens and reds, colors that are opposite but for obvious reasons (Christmas) go. Dress to your character ... if you do not own a lick of plaid don't go out and buy plaid. Use what you have in your closet. You will be comfortable and your photos will show that. I pulled out Marc's favorite beanie and a hat for me that we have owned for years. Be yourselves and dress like you!

2. Bring props but not props that are overly pinterest inspired. While pinterest is amazing for inspiration try to bring props that you have from your home. The less stressful the better. We had an old vintage camera and some binoculars (we love antiques and recently I've wondered if I hoard antiques haha) a wool blanket, and a Noel decoration we had up in our house. We chose Noel because Marc is a Frenchie and well ... I am a Francophile ... you should know that by now. Pick props that convey who you are. Both Marc and I are lovers of Oregon, love plaid, goofy, obsessed with Parks and Rec, fun loving people and I wanted props that show that. Be yourselves and use whatever props you want.

3. Use a tripod. This will save so much time and allow for steady shots. Set your camera on continuous for a series of photo booth like shots.

4. Change your poses. Come on you can only smile looking straight into the camera for so long. Have FUN, be goofy, make silly faces ... go with it.

5. After your shoot grab holiday drinks and make your photo session an event ... something you will remember and better yet, make it a tradition.

6. If the do it yourself thing is not up your alley find a photographer that is fun, easy going, and can capture your family for who they are and if they tell you to match your outfits ... run for the hills. Ok not really, but do find a photographer that will bring out the best in your family members.

Happy Holidays and Bisous.


  1. ugh, i hate when people do the perfect matching! these pics are so sweet

  2. That is so cute! The tripod has become our best friend!

  3. This is so cute! Love these photos :)

  4. Caroline-what a cute and informative post. Love it! I am playing catch up here at your blog and I am loving it all. Hope you are doing well. Happy New Year to you and your family. xx Naina

  5. Love this hope you had a ver happy holidays!!

  6. Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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