Monday, February 11, 2013

A Valentine's Giveaway ... and a new series


February is one of my favorite months for several reasons. I love the abundance of red hearts, Valentine's cards, and the opportunity to celebrate love. I know there are some people that cringe at the "holiday" ... but I have always taken February 14th as a day to celebrate ... LOVE. 

Love for friends, love for family, love with a significant other, or simply loving what you do. 

For a while now I have dabbled with the idea of an ongoing series on Coeur de La but could not narrow down what exactly I wanted to feature. Being that Coeur in french means heart, and that I put love into everything I do and admire others who do the same ... I have decided to feature artists, creators, crafters, and people that are doing what they love. Once a month I will share with you various individuals that I hope will inspire you to take some time out of your busy schedule to sit down and do something you love. Thus the series will be called ... Do What You ... LOVE

So without further ado ... I am happy to feature Candis of Addie Lu's Bowtique. Over Christmas I had the privilege to photograph Candis and her sweet family for some fun holiday photos. I have known Candis for quite some time and she has always been a positive and vibrant person.



I was excited when I found out Candis was doing something she loves ... making bows for little ones. I scoured her selection of bows and thought ... these would be perfect for adults and asked her if she could make a couple of bows for me and my Coeur de La readers. And ... lucky for us she agreed. Each bow is handmade, handcrafted, and made in various sizes, colors, and patterns. Personally, I love them all.

About Candis of Addie Lu's Bowtique:
a mama to two little girls
an artsy crafter
why did she start making bows: her girls had a lot of outfits but not enough matching bows so she decided to make them herself
making bows is her creative outlet
she recently has started making adult bows and headbands ... all of which I love.

Valentine's Giveaway Details: 
wearing an Addie Lu original bow

To enter the Valentine's Giveaway to win one of Candis's signature bows, leave a comment telling me something you love to do, your favorite bow in Candis's etsy shop, and would your bow be for you or your little one? One winner will be picked at random this Friday, February 15th. Make sure to visit her Facebook page at Addie Lu's Bowtique and give her a sweet like or visit her etsy shop for more sweetness.



  1. So cute! I like the tux bows for my hair...or I might even clip one in my furn baby, Zoe's hair :)
    Right now I am loving GARDENING! And pilates.

    P.S. We sent out Valentines this year instead of New Years cards and made me think of you. We were hoping to squeeze in a sweet Valentine's Day shoot with you guys, but we ran out of time. Next year!

  2. Three cheers for celebrating all kinds of love this Valentine's Day–and to a wonderful new series!

  3. What a sweet giveaway!!! (thank-you ladies for the chance to win)

    Something I love doing is putting together care packages for my nieces and friends :)

  4. When I found out I was pregnant, I secretly hoped it was a girl so I could put bows in her hair :) I love Candis' etsy shop! There's so many I love like the shabby flower headband in pink/brown rhinestone. I also couldn't resist putting the minnie mouse inspired flower headband in my favorites because seriously?! how adorable and unique is that?!

  5. If I were the lucky winner, it would be a bow for my nearly 5 month old baby girl Felix :)

    (though, you look so pretty with yours Caroline! also, what great photos of Candis and her two pretty girls)

  6. Love bows! My little Amaya is a bow wearer - because Mommy coordinates her outfits and this whole tolerating wearing bows thing might be short lived!!

    I love the shabby bow - I love the anchor because my husband and I met at a maritime museum and every time I see an anchor or anything nautical, I think of our little love story.

    If I get the bow, it would be for Amaya, but I would probably order a matching one for myself...again, those types of things have an expiration date with kids!

    As for what I LOVE to do - I love teaching. It is my job and passion and I am blessed that I found something in life that I love to do - much like you!!

  7. Fun! I love making cute things (tutus and hair accessories) for my girls and home decor items. The bow would be for one of my girls, probably Kiana. The bows are all so cute that I can't decide. My favorites are the pinwheel bows, the stacked tuxedo bow, and the Minnie Mouse rosette (not sure if it can be made into just a clip). Thanks, Caroline! By the way, the photos of these girls are gorgeous! ~ Mindy

  8. i love her bows i use one ever day with my outfits i hope to win this one :)


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